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What would be in your hamper?

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BooToYouToo Tue 21-Dec-10 06:21:15

Received a Fortnum and Masons hamper from a corporate. Full of weird and wonderful items will probably never use (champagne marmalade anyone?)

Got me thinking - what would I put in my ideal hamper?

Booze obv,
mince pies and cake (no Christmas pud for me, bleugh),
mayonnaise for the turkey sarnies
cranberry sauce ditto,
after dinner mints,
teabags as I always run out
calpol/paracetamol for Christmas colds
chickpeas and smoked paprika for Jamie's turkey chilli

How about you?

thereisthesnowball Tue 21-Dec-10 09:24:17

I would like a selection of:

Fruity chutney
Boozy marmalade
Mini truckle of cheddar
Artisan-made oatcakes
Sloe gin or other liqueur
Vanilla pods
Nutmeg and grater
Some Nomu coffee rub
Some carnaroli rice with a truffle inside
Some posh coffee, and some loose leaf assam tea with rose petals.

storminabuttercup Tue 21-Dec-10 10:38:11

i bought some champagne jam the other day blush

i would want cheese
nice chutney
biscuits for the cheese
nice chocs/after dinner mints
a bottle of chocolate ruby
(and a mahoosive jar of silverskin pickled onions because i'm not that posh)

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