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URGENT ICING HELP! (or my fruitcake will be a disaster)

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QuintMissesChristmasesPast Sun 19-Dec-10 11:46:59

I started icing my Christmas cakes yesterday, and realized I was one pack of icing short ...

Or rather, my icing, Professional RegalIce white, ready to use icing has gone hard inside the packaging.

What do I do?

How can I get it into a state where I can roll it out and cover my cake?

As I am in Norway, ready made icing is not exactly easy to track down.
My last cake is half done, with the marzipan cover, I just need to add the icing and decorate. It is wrapped up firmly in cling film, but I dont want the marzipan to go brittle before I get to add the icing....


debka Sun 19-Dec-10 14:09:17

Can you cut off the hard edges and knead the soft bit? Will there be enough? Otherwise, make some royal icing from egg white and icing sugar.

sleighBELLasringing Sun 19-Dec-10 14:10:29

Lots of kneading, it needs to be body temperature.

nancydrewrockinaroundxmastree Sun 19-Dec-10 14:17:35

The bit that has gone hard is past help I am afraid you will have to bin it.

If there is not enough you can make your own sugarpaste but depends on ingredients - you need glucose, glycerin and gelatine which I am guessing wont be readily available if icing is a problem.

Best option is to make some royal icing and although it is better if you use glycerin you can make it with just egg whites, icing sugar and lemon juice.

Good luck.

QuintMissesChristmasesPast Mon 20-Dec-10 08:36:37

Thanks guys, I warmed it up in a bowl of hot water, then kneaded it. Worked brilliantly, and the cake is now iced. Lovely.

sleighBELLasringing Mon 20-Dec-10 11:32:01

Yay! I marzipaned our cake on Sat and iced it yesterday. Another job off the list!!

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