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What to do with 800-900 gr rump steak for a meal of 5?

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Maria2007loveshersleep Sun 19-Dec-10 09:10:47

Hi, I was expecting 8 people tonight for a pre-Christmas party. Because of the snow we're down to 5 (& maybe fewer even, let's see).

Was planning- as part of a buffet- beef skewers with horseradish sauce. Have found non skewers due to snow, but also will make fewer things all in all so want beef to go a longer way. What to do with it? Ideally something for cubed beef (not stew please).

Maria2007loveshersleep Sun 19-Dec-10 09:31:45

(obv meant have found NO skewers!!)

Alouiseg Sun 19-Dec-10 11:07:44


festivefriedawhingesagain Sun 19-Dec-10 11:17:38

Steak sandwiches with fried onions


Scootergrrrl Sun 19-Dec-10 12:15:04

Little Yorkshire puddings filled with beef and horseradish cream.

Fava Sun 19-Dec-10 14:30:33


olive oil (I have used sunflower before)

-Slice the meat.
-put a little olive oil in a pan (large for that amount of steak.
-add 5-6 (even more if you want) cloves of garlic.
-then add meat and slghtly brown
-Add a bottle of passata or a couple of tins of tomatoes
-add oregano (lots if dried)
-add a little grated zest of lemon (optional)
-salt and pepper to taste

cook on a low heat until meat melt in mouth (1 to 1 1/2 hrs)

Maria2007loveshersleep Sun 19-Dec-10 14:33:41

All sound good. In the end there'll be 4 of us- if that. Maybe even just DP & me.

I've marinaded the beef & it's sitting in the fridge, & will just grill it tonight & serve with other bits & pieces (spinach pie, tortilla chips & dip, mackerel pate & maybe potatoes). It'll be an enormous meal if it ends up being just DP & me... Damn snow.

Maria2007loveshersleep Sun 19-Dec-10 14:34:45

Pizzaiola sounds great Fava. Will make a note of it & try soon.

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