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Gammon in Pepsi Max?

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moragdingdongbellingham Sun 19-Dec-10 08:30:34

I wanted to try the Nigella recipe, was obviously supposed to be coke but will Pepsi max do, or does the sugar substitute make it unworkable?

If not, I'll use cider, but I really wanted to try this recipe.

SunshineOnARainyDay Sun 19-Dec-10 08:32:17

I'm pretty sure it has to be full fat coke as it's the sugar that makes the recipe work.

LauraNorder Sun 19-Dec-10 08:33:38

Def has to be full fat, it's all about the sugar!

WynkenBlynkenandNod Sun 19-Dec-10 08:34:18

I'd read it has to be full fat due to the sugar as well. Which is a pain as am doing Weightwatchers and am not quite sure how to work ou the points value for the recipe.

moragdingdongbellingham Sun 19-Dec-10 08:55:41

Oh dear, I thought as much.
I might trudge to the corner shop instead and buy a few cans then as I really want to do it now.

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