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Is there a difference between a ham and a gammon?

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VivaLeBeaver Sat 18-Dec-10 14:01:33

I want to have a go at cooking a ham. All I could find in the supermarket are gammons. <clueless>

DingDongMaryBSonHigh Sat 18-Dec-10 14:05:55

Gammon is a cut of ham - a very good one IMHO. Go for the gammon!

VivaLeBeaver Sat 18-Dec-10 14:06:44

thank you.

VivaLeBeaver Sat 18-Dec-10 14:07:39

I did know it was all from a pig, just wan't sure if gammon was cured to give it a non-ham taste or something. I've never had gammon and chips in the pub!

DingDongMaryBSonHigh Sat 18-Dec-10 17:13:14

No, gammon is delicious and is a more tender cut

goodlifemummy Sun 19-Dec-10 05:23:14

I thought that an uncooked ham was a gammon, once its cooked, its a ham?? <might have made that up?!>

bacon Sun 19-Dec-10 12:49:42

Both ham and gammon are cut from the hind leg of a pig.

The meat is the same but the preparation and treatment is different. Ham and gammon are both cured meats ie salted - that is why its called processed like bacon. And should be eaten sparingley.

The whole Ham is meat that is cut from the carcass and then treated. Gammon is a piece of meat that is cut from the carcass after the brining treatment. Usually a section of the leg which has had the bone taken out - boned and rolled.

There seems to be some confusion over cooked and uncooked - not the case. You can buy sliced cooked gammon in packs.

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