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Does this weather prove that we need to be more prepared?

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bacon Sat 18-Dec-10 08:13:54

Not so much on the perishables but more store cupboard staples and being more efficient with buying/freezing food.

I've started freezing milk which is a great back-up.

I purchased plenty of flours etc so I can bake more and can easily bake my own bread too.

Does this not teach us to prepare better in November? Because of all these mild winters we have all become a little lax with planning for the worst.

Surely this is a good thing?

mrsgboring Sat 18-Dec-10 08:18:57

Well I'm not sure it's a good thing to have to be prepared, but yes I do think that we have all got soft about storecupboard ingredients.

Personally, I don't have space in my freezer to freeze milk (keep powdered for dire emergencies) but I do have a storecupboard we could live off for quite a while. Also always keep ingredients for a meal cookable in the dark by campstove (bottle sausages, potato rosti in a packet and tinned fruit if you're interested)

Mummy2Bookie Sun 19-Dec-10 19:15:34

We store lots of veg, tinned pulses, powdered milk, flour, eggs etc. We are quite prepared. I have a lovely lentil bolognese recipe that uses store cupboard ingredients. I could post it here if anybodys interested.

Ripeberry Sun 19-Dec-10 19:25:41

We have lots of dry goods and tinned goods. If the weather is very bad and the electricity goes off then we have our camping stove (2burners and a grill) plus Calor gas.
And in the house we have a wood/coal burner and lots and lots of wood that we collect over the summer and dry in the shed for winter (collected from skips and driftwood).

We have to be prepared as we live 10 miles away from any supermarkets. Ok have a village shop but it's pretty basic.

DanceInTheDark Sun 19-Dec-10 19:31:23

Not necessarily prepared but less dependant on supermarkets for every little thing. I tried to grow veggies this year and despite only managing one tomato (which i don't even like!) I was over joyed! Not only does it make you realise just how much work goes into growing what we eat, it made me more determined to at least provide a little bit for my family.

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