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rocky road or rocky road brownie recipe anyone?

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AuntieMaggie Thu 16-Dec-10 10:04:59

I want to make rocky road or rocky road brownies - haven't made up my mind - has anyone got a tried and tested recipe? I've got a few but want one that's been recommended.

I'll need to make it on Monday to give to a friend on Wednesday.

ItsJustMyOpinion Thu 16-Dec-10 11:31:20

There is a receipe in Nov/Dec issue of Morrisons magazine called Boxing day rocky road, which has broken mince pies in, and very yummy. If you don't have the mag, the receipe can be found online at

ItsKurriiiistmas Thu 16-Dec-10 11:51:40

I saved this recipe a while ago - because it looked nice and fairly easy, but I haven't tried it yet. here

AuntieMaggie Thu 16-Dec-10 12:14:33

I knew it was a bad idea considering to make this for a friend - now I'm going to have to make extra for me!

Thanks both

ItsKurriiiistmas Thu 16-Dec-10 21:05:07

I've just found another one in my bookmarks (I obsessively bookmark recipes grin) here - these are very quick little mini ones.

AuntieMaggie Tue 21-Dec-10 12:22:30

I tried the morrisons one cos I liked the idea of putting mince pies in it and made double quantity so I could keep some and I now have a mountain of lovely tempting rocky road!!!

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