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calling foodies: tell me what you're having for Christmas dinner and other meals.

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hatwoman Sun 12-Dec-10 16:20:22

I need come and show off and tell me what's cooking.

firstly for Christmas dinner: stuffing, veg, starters and pudding etc etc to go with turkey

and then for other meals/snacks/lovely nibbles - (and posh breakfasts) need to cook about a million meals over Christnmas week.

well, maybe not quite that many, but it feels a bit like it at the moment...

HowToLookGoodGlaikit Sun 12-Dec-10 17:23:40

Boxing day, im doing Nigella's gammon cooked in cherry coke, served with red cabbage cooked in the leftover liquid (its gorgeous!).

Maria2007loveshersleep Mon 13-Dec-10 12:38:13

I'm sure there's loads of threads like this in the christmas section so perhaps you'll get more responses there

thereisthesnowball Tue 14-Dec-10 08:24:00

I just decided yesterday (with the help of the Christmas section) to do slow-cooked leg of lamb for Christmas dinner, as I don't have an oven. I'll stick it in the slow cooker with a glass of red and smeared with a paste of rosemary, garlic and anchovies. Earlier in the day will be smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. I might do a trifle for pudding, otherwise it'll be Christmas pudding with creme anglaise.

With the leftover lamb we'll have lamb with flageolets and lamb pitta breads with feta, humous and chilli sauce. At some other point I'm going to pot-roast some pheasants - maybe NYE.

Otherwise over the weekend itself we'll just be having nibbles: cheese, foie gras pate, and a plate of sweet things - dates, crystallised ginger, clementines, brazil nuts, squares of dark chocolate, marrons glacees.

colditz Tue 14-Dec-10 08:27:34

I am cooking roast leg of lamb with a rosemary, redcurrent and sherry gravy. The trimmings are up to my mother, as technically we are eating at hers, but I refuse to eat turkey so am taking my own meat.

SeriousWispaHabit Tue 14-Dec-10 09:06:42

Posh breakfasts - I have made cranberry and cinnamon granola and have a few different flavours of muffins in the freezer that I have made. Can be reheated as needed.

Also doing ham in cherry coke with dauphinoise and red cabbage, but on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Day - turkey and the trimmings, my sister has made the Christmas Pudding, mum is doing the brandy butter.

Boxing Day - ham and turkey leftovers and salads, cheese etc.

Will also make poncy canape things for drinks and nibbles thing on the 23rd but waiting on final numbers before I decide what to do.

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