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Goat's cheese

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Frog253 Sun 12-Dec-10 15:47:48

I love the goaty flavour of goat's cheese BUT all the brands I try seem to be very mild and could easily be some kind of cow's cheese. So could do with a recommendation or two please. Ideally British but will go to France for the right flavour. It's to go on a cracker so could be hard or soft, just don't want 'mild'.

MiasMARY Sun 12-Dec-10 15:54:20

I had a nice one last week from sainsburys but I'll be damned of I canremember the name of it. It was rolled in ash and was mould ripened. It was YUM!

I'll see if I can find it for you.

Goats and sheeps cheese is my absolute fave.

Dh just said it's called kidderton ash.

tb Sun 12-Dec-10 16:44:53

We have cabecou they're little flat discs about 4cm in diameter and just under 1cm thick. Sometimes they are wrapped in dry cured ham. They are virtually tasteless when hard, but when they ripen they go a bit rank.

I've found the ones that seem to be covered in grey dust are the smelliest, tbh. Wish I had some now, it's only me and the maine coon that like it.

Frog253 Sun 12-Dec-10 17:58:28

You see I had the yummiest one in France one year and foolishly shared was covered in ash I think. Have tried the Rosary Ash cheese from Waitrose but tastes lemony rather than goaty. I suppose that if they advertised it as full flavoured noone in the UK would buy it.

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