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Duck - hints and tips needed

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fudgecat Wed 08-Dec-10 13:27:33

Have decided on duck for xmas day. Has anyone got any hints or tips on cooking it?


fidelma Wed 08-Dec-10 22:37:35

You need alot of duck per person as you lose alot of fat while it is cooking.
Cook it on a wrack so that the fat drains away.Finnish it off with a hot oven to crisp it up.

Hope that helps a bit wink

happysmiley Thu 09-Dec-10 09:55:36

I did duck a couple weeks ago and used Delia's method in this recipe. I did keep the duck breast side up for most of the cooking time but turned it over for a bit to crisp up the fat on the bottom. Worked very well.

fudgecat Thu 09-Dec-10 10:49:34

thanks - Its just the two of us this year so there will be plenty of meat, the Delia one looks nice. Have also looked at this one the sauce sounds nice.

Cant decide...

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