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Main course for dinner party

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milkmoustache Tue 07-Dec-10 15:01:34

OK - have 5 people coming for dinner, pudding is being provided by two of them so I don't know what it is, (I could ask but I like surprises), and am doing duck liver parfait to start. If there are two puds on offer, don't want anything too major beforehand, so no big casseroles I reckon, but am all out of ideas. Would be great if I could make it the day before too to minimise rushing around... Any brilliant ideas??

Slubberdegullion Tue 07-Dec-10 15:44:31

I'd be wanting a casserole in this weather grin you could just do smaller portions.

So no to a stew or a curry, But you want to make it the day before. mmmmmm, I'm all out of ideas then too.

a pie?


Slubberdegullion Tue 07-Dec-10 15:46:16

Lamb shanks? They're pretty big though.

Lotster Tue 07-Dec-10 15:51:16

With a meat starter, how about fish main?

My favourite for being quick to cook whilst chatting, is clam or prawn linguine.

taffetazatyousantaclaus Tue 07-Dec-10 17:13:55

yy to fish, like Lotster's idea

use plenty of fresh herbs and lemon juice to zing it up

Lotster Tue 07-Dec-10 18:03:11

Ooh yes, coriander or parsley I reckon. And wine and garlic!

oxocube Tue 07-Dec-10 20:00:49

delia has a fab recipe with salmon topped with coriander, ginger, garlic, lemon zest and capers which is simply delicious - everyone loves it! I think she serves it with a black bean salsa but you could equally serve it with little roasted potatoes and salad. Tis on her website!

Lotster Tue 07-Dec-10 20:14:26

Think I'll check that out myself Oxo!

You've reminded me of my husband's quick and delicious salmon en croute recipe... ready rolled puff pastry, cut to size, place salmon on top, cover salmon with mushroom pate (you can put mozzarella cheese on as well. or instead of the pate) Top with a pastry lid, pinch parcel around edges, glaze and bake! Sooo quick and easy and looks amazing and efforty.

SkiingGardeningTwinklyBauble Tue 07-Dec-10 20:21:06

King prawn linguine with chilli?

Or Beef stroganoff?

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