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'Packed' lunch ideas for a 10 month old??!? Please!!!

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cleo78 Mon 06-Dec-10 19:10:56

DS is 10 months and attends creche at the school where I work. he has a bottle in the morning before we leave, and they feed him his breakfast and lunch and a bottle throughout the day.
I've always gone for icecubes of meals idea and that seems to work wel for us, but it's the fruit/desert thing that I'm really struggling for ideas with? Apart from yoghurt, what other deserts could I give him that are easily packed? His appetite is growing and I really want to give him a large variety of foods- but without complicating it for the creche staff (plus we live abroad so i don't want to have to explain something complex forst thing in the morning in a language other than english!!!).
Currently he has cereal and fruit and then for lunch a 'meal' and then a yoghurt.

Waedigirl Mon 06-Dec-10 19:37:32

rice pudding? Bought pots or home made (bought here ;) ) ditto semolina. Jelly. Creme brule type things. pots of fruit compote. Banana. bit of home made cake. brioche.

cleo78 Mon 06-Dec-10 19:43:42

oooh....thanks for that. Was worried that I should be packing him full of pure fruit, but I have actually lost inspiration (local fruit is really seasonal so not a huge range!!) and had visions of him eating bananas all day long!!!!

Semolina and cake a great idea....shame I have to cook more though as we don't have ANY ready made baby food here!?!

lovingthesun Wed 08-Dec-10 17:48:32

I wouldn't give any cake items to a 10mth old. Better to fill up on savory foods than sugary cake.

Yogurt is fine for pudding. A sweet tooth develops very early & very quickly, so veg & savory all the way!

(ps my DD's didn't have cake/jelly/semolina etc & are fine)

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