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Where to buy best stuffing??

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Irishchic Mon 06-Dec-10 17:31:18

I know I know I should be doing it myself, but just have to take some short cuts this year, living in N Ireland so no waitrose, what about M and S, or sainsbury's??

Or anywhere else you can recommend?

Irishchic Wed 08-Dec-10 12:01:13


Mummy2Bookie Wed 08-Dec-10 15:17:52

Dp loves sainsburys taste the difference. I think it's sage and onion.

bacon Wed 08-Dec-10 16:43:17

Do you mean for christmas day or as a cupboard staple?

I use taste the difference Sains stuffing for sundays.

For xmas day just mix with herby sausages (ex-skins) and this makes tasty jiucy stuffing. I wouldnt just use normal stuffing far too bland.

ChippedChinaTeacup Wed 08-Dec-10 16:44:46

M&S have a gorgeous sage and onion stuffing, both fresh and frozen. Never found another as nice tbh. I think they do one wiht chestnuts too.

hatwoman Wed 08-Dec-10 16:46:58

make it in advance and put in freezer, as uncooked balls. these can be put round the turkey straight form the freezer - no hassle. (but don't use frozen meat and re-freeze uncooked) It will take approx 30 minutes one evening. I have never found a bought one that tastes any good.

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