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Expired cheese ok to eat?

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onmyfeet Sat 04-Dec-10 05:10:28

Unopened wheel of brie in the fridge, just noticed it is dated best before Nov. 8, 2010. Still good right?

GotArt Sat 04-Dec-10 05:19:28

I'd toss it if it isn't pasteurized.

onmyfeet Sat 04-Dec-10 05:53:37

It says pasteurized milk. <hopeful>

nooka Sat 04-Dec-10 06:06:39

I'd taste it and see - if it's a packaged cheese it's highly unlikely to be unpasteurized. Cheese from a cheese counter doesn't come packaged and so doesn't have a sell by date, so I doubt it's totally critical. But Brie really shouldn't be kept in the fridge (pedant! grin)

onimolap Sat 04-Dec-10 06:40:11

Yes: you say it's a " best before" date - that's advisory, not a food safety (which would be "use by".

NoahAndTheWhale Sat 04-Dec-10 06:42:29

I would open and consider. I imagine it would be fine tbh

onmyfeet Sat 04-Dec-10 07:27:35

Thanks, I will open it tomorrow.

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