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What do I put homemade yummies that need to be stored in airtight container to give to a friend for christmas?

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RememberToPlaywiththeKids Fri 03-Dec-10 21:54:47

I want to do 3 or 4 things for my friends and neighbours like spiced nuts, cheese straws etc - things that really need to be in an air tight container. Any ideas on what to put them in? Would cellophane bags from ebay with ribbon round be ok or not?

onmyfeet Sat 04-Dec-10 05:26:15

Could you do something like this with the spiced nuts? ing/2006Q4/ld102602_1206_nuttytopping_l.jpg

onmyfeet Sat 04-Dec-10 05:50:34

Here are some nuts in bags. g.jpg
I have never made or eaten cheese straws, but think I will tomorrow after looking them up. The seem to say to use within 2 days though...will they go stale or anything if you do them ahead of time?

onmyfeet Sat 04-Dec-10 05:51:22

"They say", not "them seem". confused

taffetazatyousantaclaus Sat 04-Dec-10 08:46:42

I make biscuits every year that should be in an airtight container. Here's what I do:

- Bake at the last minute I have time, so in this case Sunday 12th
- Cool on rack then store in airtight container
- Bag up the night before ( so Weds 15th )I give them - I use cellophane bags with a card base so I can pile them ontop of each other without flopping over, a gorgeous French ribbon and a tag saying what they are attached to ribbon
- Give the next day (Thurs 16th )and say to eat whilst fresh. Like a pre Christmas treat.

Although having said all that, I get feedback that they keep well in the cello bags for over a week.

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