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How long can I keep cooked meals with meat in them?

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ChocolateMoose Fri 03-Dec-10 12:04:25

I'm a non-meat eater so pretty clueless about these sort of things, but I want to cook meat for my son (15 months). My husband's a carnivore. So if I want to cook spaghetti bolognaise for my son (which will almost certainly be rejected as he rejects almost anything that isn't sandwiches, but that's another thread), suppose I cook an adult size portion so DH can have it. Would it be ok to reheat a meal cooked at lunchtime in the evening? What about the next day?

Another question - if I buy a packet of mince and freeze it, how long can I keep it frozen for in a normal freezer?

Thank you!

TheNextMrsDepp Fri 03-Dec-10 12:07:38

Cooked mince (i.e. bolognaise) will keep for several days in the fridge. Just make sure it's heated thoroughly (give it a good boil).

Raw mince in the freezer - if you buy ready-frozen mince it will say on the bag. Otherwise you'll probably be OK for up to a year (presuming you have a proper freezer, not just an ice-compartment).

happysmiley Fri 03-Dec-10 12:09:30

You can keep frozen food for pretty much as long as you like. Several months at least, theoretically years but I've never tried that.

For something like a bolognese in the fridge, it should keep quite happily for 2 to 3 days. Make sure it piping hot when you serve it.

ChocolateMoose Fri 03-Dec-10 12:21:12

Thanks! I'm confused about the frozen food thing though as on packets it can say things like "freeze on day of purchase, use within one month"

TheNextMrsDepp Fri 03-Dec-10 12:35:20

Yeah, they always say that, take it with a pinch of salt.

SevenAgainstThebes Fri 03-Dec-10 22:45:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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