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Vegetarian mexican ideas please

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BelligerentGhoul Tue 30-Nov-10 17:18:28

Does nybody have any good ideas for vegetarian Mexican-style food please?

I do the obvious like nachos and fajitas but would love to extend my range!

Vegetables that we love include:
sweet potatoes
normal potatoes
butternut squash
carrots peas sweetcorn

dp and I love mushrooms but the girls won't eat them.

None of us like aubergines or courgettes.

I hate tinned tomatoes.

Any ideas muchos appreciated.

boogiewoogie Tue 30-Nov-10 21:10:08

Spicy potato wedges and aioli.

Refried beans.

Salsa made with fresh tomatoes, red onion, chilli and lime.

Hmm, I like mediterranean vegetables with my fajitas which you don't like. What about ricotta and spinach filling with burrito sauce?

Spicy bean sauce made with fresh tomatoes instead of tinned?

BelligerentGhoul Wed 01-Dec-10 09:48:36

Am liking these ideas a lot, thank you - except the ricotta!

Do you make your own aioli?

What do you mean by a Burrito sauce please?

Thanks again?

Any more please?

magicwand Wed 01-Dec-10 13:36:59

mexican salad with radish, avocado, black beans, mixed peppers,lettuce and a dressing of garlic, corriander, chilli, honey, in oil and lemon

soup - fresh tomatoes, onions,corn, peppers, spring onion, baked beans

quesadillas - red lecister and cheddar cheese with red onions, green pepper, tomatoes, oregano

BelligerentGhoul Wed 01-Dec-10 14:24:31

I do Qaesadillas a lot already - yum.

And that salad sounds lovely - thank you.

BelligerentGhoul Wed 01-Dec-10 18:29:03

Any more ideas? When this horrible, stinking cold has gone I want to cook a big Mexican-esque meal!

boogiewoogie Wed 01-Dec-10 20:38:54

Burrito sauce is that spicy tomato sauce that you get on top of enchilada's/ burritos.

A recipe here

boogiewoogie Wed 01-Dec-10 20:42:46

Yes, I make my own aioli. Very simple.
Crush two cloves of garlic and add a couple of dollops of mayonaise and a dash of black pepper. Finish with a squeeze of lemon juice.

BelligerentGhoul Wed 01-Dec-10 21:08:56

Thank you. Do you make your own mayo too?

gastrognome Fri 03-Dec-10 20:06:48

Try making fajitas with grilled halloumi cheese - serve with salad, refried beans, guacamole, salsa etc. I usually do some stir fried spicy veg too (baby corn, onions, peppers, etc.). Then all you need is a pile of warm flour tortillas and maybe some sour cream. Very delicious.

You can also make chimichangas which are great too: I usually make a spicy mix of stir-fried veg and black beans with cumin and coriander, then spoon a dolop onto the centre of a flour tortilla and add lots of grated cheese. Then fold up like an envelope: fold the sides over to the centre, then fold the bottom edge and roll up. Place on a greased baking tray with the folded edge underneath. Brush with oil or melted butter and bake at about 180 c until golden brown - probably around ten minutes. You can also fry them carefully making sure the filling doesn't leak out. Serve with salad and guacamole (and sour cream if you like).

BelligerentGhoul Fri 03-Dec-10 20:11:26

Ooh they both sound amazing - love halloumi (although evil dd1 won't eat cheese!).

Had forgotten al about chimchangas - I bet they'd be ncie with a sweet potato/butternut squash filling too.

MentalFloss Fri 03-Dec-10 20:15:30

I have to admit the mexican lasagne looked pretty good on Nigella last night and I think it was vegetarian?

It was like tortillas rather than lasagne pasta and I think I'm going to try it.

BelligerentGhoul Fri 03-Dec-10 20:16:31

Didn't see Nigella (because she makes me want to kill her) but used to make soemthing like that many years ago pre dds. Wonder if I can find the recipe online? Thanks.

Icoulddoitbetter Fri 03-Dec-10 20:22:27

look up mole (mo-lay) sauce on the internet. It's savoury but made with chocolate! I had it with chicken in Mexico but I;m sure it'll go lovely with veg too.

Be properly Mexcan, with lots of lovely fresh fruit juices, and a marguirita or two grin

MentalFloss Fri 03-Dec-10 20:24:33

I think this is it... think I may even be able to persuade my carnivorous DS1!

BelligerentGhoul Fri 03-Dec-10 20:32:02

Brilliant - I found the Nigella thing I think but the idea of tomato ketchup put me off! Easily adapted though, I guess.

Yes, yes to mole. Actually I think I have a recipe in one of the World Food books. Brilliant suggestion.

samels001 Fri 03-Dec-10 20:42:56

In the States I used to make a 7-layer dip but as it was 20 years ago can't remember what went into it!!!! Very few of my UK friends or family like Mexican (grits teeth as it is so scrummy! grin). It was certainly refried beans, guacamole, salsa, 2 types of cheese, sour cream and 1 other! Great for tortilla chips.

MargueriteArgeneau Sat 04-Dec-10 14:26:16

7-layer dip:

Refried beans
Sour cream (I mix in chili powder and cumin)
Shredded cheddar or jack cheese
Green onions

I live in Texas and that's how it's commonly done here. Then scooped up with tortilla chips. I'm thinking of some more adaptable recipes for you. Can you get corn tortillas? I think you'd like chalupas. You fry a corn tortilla until it's crispy but still flat. Then spread with Refried beans, sprinkle with cheese and bake until cheese melts. Top with shredded lettuce and tomatoes when it's out of the oven.

I make enchiladas with a combination of Refried beans, whole beans and rice. YUM. Will think on more for you.

mugggletoeandwine Sat 04-Dec-10 14:27:48

yy, Nigella lasagne looked great.
I have the book and will be trying that soon.
Everything I've tried so far has been pretty good.

BelligerentGhoul Sat 04-Dec-10 14:27:49

Brilliant, thanks both.

Yes, I can get corn tortillas.

MargueriteArgeneau Sat 04-Dec-10 14:31:12

Oooh! I've just remembered that my dad makes vegetarian tamales! He does them with a sweet potato filling, and also a spinach/potato filling. Very un-authentic, but still delicious.

One of my very favorite Mexican dishes is Chile Rellenos. Roasted poblano peppers stuffed with cheese, dipped ^in a light batter and fried. Usually served with a verde sauce. Ohhh now I need chile rellenos.

Chile Relleno

BelligerentGhoul Sat 04-Dec-10 14:32:39

They look amazing!

Unfortunately, Dd1 won't eat cheese, which is a real pain.

MargueriteArgeneau Sat 04-Dec-10 14:36:57

My DD won't eat them either. All she is interested in at a Mexican restaurant is quesadillas or chips and queso despite the fact that she "doesn't like cheese"!

BelligerentGhoul Sat 04-Dec-10 14:41:53

OMG that looks amazing - I think I love you!

tiokiko Sat 04-Dec-10 17:26:51

Hmm - I made the Nigella Mexican lasagne a while ago and it was just OK.

Think the quantities are all weird TBH. As far as I remember she says to use two tins of tomatoes then two tins' worth of water in the sauce.

That just sounded like a super-watery sauce to me so I only added a little water. There was nowhere near enough sauce to layer properly and it wasn't tasty/tomato-y enough. If I did it again I would make it with 3 tins and a little water to thin the sauce.

I think there was also a crazy amount of beans/corn in the filling - I'm sure I didn't use as much as she specified as it seemed completely over the top. I used a mix of black-eyed beans and borlotti as I couldn't get black beans.

Apart from these whinges it was nice - think with some tweaks next time it would be lovely. I made it the day before and then cooked which worked well, then I froze leftovers in slices which reheated well.

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