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Easy Carbonara recipe?

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ShadeofViolet Wed 24-Nov-10 10:11:23

Does anyone have an easy carbonara recipe? Have googled and all the recipes seem to contain ingredients I have never heard of, even though they claim to be simple.

talkingnonsense Wed 24-Nov-10 10:13:33

This is not at all carbonara but tastes great- fry an onion with chopped bacon, pour some cream and black pepper on top, add to pasta, everyone eats!

nameymcnamechange Wed 24-Nov-10 10:15:33

Pancetta or bacon
Double cream
1 egg per person
Black pepper

tomhardyismydh Wed 24-Nov-10 10:18:45

fry off cut bacon or lardons and mushrooms, boil pasta.

beat one egg and a carton of single cream, add parmasan and lots of black pepper...i dont cook to measure just to taste, but would say a good hanfull of parmasan.

add the pasta to the bacon in frying pan and turn on meadium heat to fry off any excess water.

take off the heat and stir in the cream, egg and parmasan mixture. keep it moving or the egg will scramble. if not heated through turn on a low heat for a few seconds.

witchwithallthetrimmings Wed 24-Nov-10 10:22:34

fry chopped bacon or pancetta til crispy and all the fat has melted. Cook pasta in plenty of boiling salted water. While the pasta is cooked mix gently beaten eggs and egg yolks. (The river cafe recipie is all egg yolk but this is really too rich) with parmasen cheese, salt and plenty of black pepper and double cream. - The mixture should taste cheesy and not eggy. you need enough to coat put not drown the pasta. When pasta is cooked toss in the bacon and the fat it has cooked in and stir well. Last take off the heat and stir in the cream/egg/cheese mixture. Eat

samoa Wed 24-Nov-10 10:23:13

You don't need to put cream in the carbonara. Just beat two eggs, add parmesan and pepper. When the pasta and bacon is ready, add the pasta to the bacon and then add the eggs too. keep it moving so you don't get scrambled eggs. Then just turn for a few seconds.

witchwithallthetrimmings Wed 24-Nov-10 10:25:08

cream help stops the eggs scrambling but you don't need much. Also you need to mix the eggs and cream into the pasta OFF the heat. There will be plenty of retained heat in the pan

samoa Wed 24-Nov-10 10:27:08

I used to put cream in my carbonara, but then I married an Italian and he nearly had a heart attack when I told him that I did this [wink}

Bucharest Wed 24-Nov-10 10:28:38

Dp (italian chef)'s recipe.
Egg yolks only, 1 per person,
Lots of cheese and lots of black pepper.

Eggs have never scrambled yet!

Bucharest Wed 24-Nov-10 10:29:27

Samoa- I used to put mushrooms in mine and it was more of a bechamel, dp still talks about my "carbonara" grin

samoa Wed 24-Nov-10 10:35:11

Bucharest - my husband doesn't even let me touch the carbonara! Although I can now make a mean amatriciana grin

Montifer Mon 29-Nov-10 22:34:58

Ohh, definitely no cream.

I save some of the pasta cooking water and if the mixture (a la Bucharest) looks a bit thick, add some liquid to make more saucy.

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