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How would you cook a pork fillet tenderloin?

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gettingout Tue 23-Nov-10 16:42:08

I have pancetta as I had a vague idea they went together when I bought the pork but I'm a bit clueless to be honest. Will I roll the pork in the pancetta? should I put anything else in?

gettingout Tue 23-Nov-10 16:53:32

any ideas?? I'm getting ready to cremate it.

suiledonne Tue 23-Nov-10 16:56:04

Is it the long, lean piece of meat?

Is so I usually cut a slit down the length and stuff it using a mix of onions, herbs butter and breadcrumbs.

You could stuff and then wrap with the pancetta.

gettingout Tue 23-Nov-10 16:59:34

Mmmm sounds good. I hadn't thought of slicing and stuffing it blush I'm not much of a cook, can you tell? Ok if it weighs half a kilo unstuffed how long and what temp would you cook it for? And do you cover in foil. Sorry for being so bloody clueless.

suiledonne Tue 23-Nov-10 17:39:01

It doesn't take very long to cook. I usually wrap mine in foil and open it halfway through to get it nice and brown on the outside.

I'd say maybe 45 mins. 350F.

I only put a little of the stuffing in the meat and do the rest in foil. If you have a lot of stuffing it might take longer.

kreecherlivesupstairs Wed 24-Nov-10 11:14:35

Very jealous. We had this at the weekend, sliced into circles and cooked with seedy mustard, onions and cream.

tb Wed 24-Nov-10 12:39:03

Have it sliced across into small medallions, and in a casserole with smoked paprika and sliced mushrooms. Could always add little bits of bacon, though.

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