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When a recipe says a 'cup' how much does it mean?

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PercyPigPie Tue 23-Nov-10 16:18:23

Our cups are all different sizes! Is there a more standard measurement?

TrillianAstra Tue 23-Nov-10 16:23:26

My cup measure is 250ml

Itsjustafleshwound Tue 23-Nov-10 16:23:33

I use my cup measurement 250ml/180 grams

KnottyLocks Tue 23-Nov-10 16:24:31

Yes there is. You need something like this. Many American recipes use cup measures rather than g or oz.

Lakota Tue 23-Nov-10 16:24:32

It's an american measurement, see here for conversion.

Also American pints are different so beware!

Itsjustafleshwound Tue 23-Nov-10 16:25:03

Saying that - conversion of ml/grams not appropriate ...

TrillianAstra Tue 23-Nov-10 16:37:25

Depends what it is 180grams of, yeah.

Measuring in volume rather than weight for solid things seems weird to me.

You can just use your measuring jug though, don't need to buy a special cup measure.

An American pint is 16 fluid oz, UK pint is 20.

PercyPigPie Tue 23-Nov-10 17:43:52

Aha, thanks.

tb Tue 23-Nov-10 17:56:02

If you have a look on here for a similar recipe ie ingredients, there is box to tick for conversion to metric measurements. This may help.

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