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What nibbles to provide at a cosmetics party?

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TheSleepFairy Wed 17-Nov-10 20:17:47

I have agreed to host an open house cosmetics party but I am really unsure what sort of nibbles & drinks I need to buy.
If everyone who said yes turns up I am looking at around 15 people.
So drinks wise I though a few bottles of soft, some wine, soda & Jaques - maybe 2 of each? I'm hoping people will bring a bottle if they want a drink as I don't want to spend all my budget on food instead of make up!!!

brimfull Wed 17-Nov-10 20:22:01

just a few crisps and nuts etc
maybe some veg and dip

last make up party I had they last few left at 3am on a school nightshock

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