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FIL is a chef and is coming to stay this weekend...HELP!

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HRHMcDreamy Wed 17-Nov-10 09:44:39

MIL had a funny turn at the weekend, anyway after a brief spell in hospital she has been given the all clear and sent home. We have taken the opportunity to suggest that maybe she should slow down a bit, she is amazingly busy with grandchildren, childcare, meetings, cooking/baking for events etc etc.

We live quite a way from them and have invited them over for the weekend to get away and spoil them really. It's also MILs birthday on Sunday and so I had plans of a nice dinner on Saturday night.

As I said FIL is a chef and can be a little critical of food presented to him so I thought I would come on here and get some inspiration and hopefully some fail proof, simple but impressive dishes. I have Friday night supper, lunch on Saturday and dinner Saturday night to cater for smile

HRHMcDreamy Wed 17-Nov-10 10:58:08


taffetacat Wed 17-Nov-10 14:48:06

My olds like this, and alwasy say it tastes like "restaurant food"

Pan fry chicken breasts with skin on, when cooked, remove and deglaze pan with white vermouth, bubble up to reduce, then add a smidge of chicken stock and a few tablespoons double cream and a good handful or so of chopped fresh tarragon. Pour sauce over chicken. Good with new potatoes and green beans.

For lunch, if you have a good local deli, get some really fresh bread and a selection of meats and cheeses etc.

Some brownies or a homemade cake always get you points too. I made Nigella's madeira cake the other day, its plain but gorgeous and very buttery, great for elevenses/tea or even with stewed or fresh fruit if you have them for breakfast too.

Hope it goes well.

HRHMcDreamy Wed 17-Nov-10 16:22:56

Thanks, chicken sounds great! Will give that a go smile

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