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freezing cakes

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beepbeep Tue 16-Nov-10 17:07:45

DD1 & DD2 are having a joint 4th & 1st birthday at the end of the month with about 3 children coming (plus parents!). Unfortunately DH is working right up til the night before so am trying to be as organised as possibe.

I have the savoury stuff sorted as most of that can be made in advance and frozen (sausage rolls, pizza dough ready to make on day etc).

It's the sweet stuff I'm struggling with! DD1 has come up with quite a few bits and pieces she'd like, but i'm wanting to know what I can do in advance and freeze, or if not freeze how long they'll keep fresh in airtight containers;

carrot cake cupcakes (will they go soggy due to high water content of carrots?)
vanilla cupcakes
lemon drizzle cupcakes
shortbread biscuits

I know these won't freeze but how long will these keep before going soft?
chocolate mars crispies
marshmallow crispies

Any advice greatly appreciated

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