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Help! I've defrosted my fridge/freezer by accident

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flibbertigibbert Sun 14-Nov-10 12:11:33

Yesterday I was cleaning out the fridge and I've just realised that in the process I knocked the mains switch off and didn't notice (fridge light doesn't work).

I've come downstairs this morning to a mostly defrosted freezeer and a fridge full of not very cold food.

I've chucked the stuff in the freezer, but i'm wondering what to do with the meat in the fridge. I did a Waitrose shop last night around 9pm and I have a pack of mince and some skirt of beef. The fridge thermometer said its around 15 degrees in the fridge. If I cook the mince and beef now and freeze them will they be ok? I was planning 3 hour cooking times for both of them.

bacon Sun 14-Nov-10 12:35:30

Yr panicing far too much - chucking out food - no way!

The frozen food should still be frozen, even if particially its fine as long as it hasnt totally defrosted. Never throw out. I've had freezers unplugged for 3 days and the inside is still frozen.

Its fine to freeze the meat as I'd be really surprised that a closed fridge would reach 15 in such a short time. If you shopped at 9pm last night then thats ok. Its not long enough to worry about. Obv mince doesnt last that long anyway so I'd cook that soon.

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