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Talk to me about the heath benifits of Soup

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TitsalinaBumSquash Thu 11-Nov-10 17:56:18

I have been pondering about eating soup as a diet type thing, im not talking about faddy diets like the 'Cabbage Soup' one but i really like soup nd i make a lot of it. My freezer is stocked with about six different varietys.

Do you think if i ate Soup for 2 meals a day and then had a normal meal i could loose weight?

Im talking Veg, Stock and Herbs and Spices by the way not 'Cream of' anything.

Im trying to think of things that don't seem like im on a diet!

Surely i would be getting lots of good nutrients from the veg and there is no fat in there...

Any thoughts anyone?

taffetacat Thu 11-Nov-10 19:31:19

If you eat 2 meals a day of soup then would you be having it for breakfast?

I'd suggest a filling breakfast like porridge, made with a 50/50 water/milk mix and a mashed/chopped banana or cinnamon and sultanas, so no added sugar.

Then a good bowl of soup for lunch. The only fat is in what you cook the veg in to start off eg oil or butter, and if you have fat in the stock. Something like butternut or carrot can be nice and thick without the need to resort to potato to bulk it out. Have an oatcake or two on the side maybe rather than bread. I find bread at lunchtime makes me sluggish in the afternoon.

I get hungry again around 4, so some fruit at this point is good.

For dinner, you will need some protein. Eggs are good, not fattening ( as long as you don't fry them! ) or chicken or fish again with more veg. Plain fruit for pudding.

I think thats probably more balanced, and is low fat/low carb, which I find a great way to lose excess pounds.

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