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dry pasta recipes?

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iliketrees Wed 10-Nov-10 09:29:45

my dcs are driving me crazy - they love pasta but refuse any sauces (apart from pesto). I make tomato sauce, bolognese, carbornara, creamy... they make such a fuss and want everything separate and it's doing my head in. they just want grated cheese on top! they are very good with salads and raw veggies but will not go near any cooked veg plain or in sauce. So any ideas for plain pasta recipes if that makes sense. pasta salad? or do I just keep offering and --force feeding--encouraging thanks for any ideas

BlingLoving Wed 10-Nov-10 11:09:17

what about fresh pasta? It has secret veggies inside it which are not sauce and they might like? You can grate some cheese or olive oil (or even pesto) over the top?

Alternative pestos? Tomatoe based one or similar?

BlingLoving Wed 10-Nov-10 11:09:39

Or what about letting them have pasta but if they're willing to eat raw veggies, just give them a salad on the side?

Suzie1411 Wed 10-Nov-10 12:07:15

tortillini is fantastic, it comes with all sorts of fillings in it and is quick to cook. should be able to find it at the fresh pasta section. add the sauce to yours after you serve up theres.

iliketrees Wed 10-Nov-10 12:52:10

blingloving - I didn't know that - do you mean ravioli? yes I do tend to give them plain withsalad on side but it's quite limiting. I know it's good to eat salad and we do a lot but would also be nice to be sometimes eat something 'wet' if you see what I mean.
suzie1411 - have tried tortellini but not a raging success. suppose got a preconceived notion that kids like spaghetti and tomato sauce and seems so simple to hide veggies in something like that and feel satisfied they're eating a variety of veg. thanks for these ideas... off to loiter round chill shelves..

BlingLoving Wed 10-Nov-10 13:47:44

Yes - ravioli, rortellini etc. But sounds like you have tried that without success already.

Smash09 Wed 10-Nov-10 16:35:41

How about just 'dressing' the pasta with olive oil or butter, a little garlic powder and some grated cheese? Then like Bling suggested, just serving their veg on the side, the way they like it! Obviously they're missng out on the lovely pasta sauces but I'm sure they'll come round it one day. wink

iliketrees Wed 10-Nov-10 20:56:58

smash09 - I suppose you're right just to let them get on with it and enjoy pasta their way. Just think its quite boring and feel left out of so many yummy things I could make for them. Oh for the day we can all sit together and eat lasagne a la Waltons (probably hankering for a more civilized meal time in reality rather than everyone adjusting the meal to their own unusual food fetish grin

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