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Self feeding

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bellamysbride Tue 09-Nov-10 07:59:07

Our DS is 16 months and just not very interested in food (never has been). We are used to this, he gets offered what we eat with very few exceptions, if he refuses it's not a problem. He consequently eats a fair variety just not much of it. I always give him a spoon or two but he will never use them. He feeds himself finger foods. All his peers are self feeding now, how can I encourage my DS to self feed when he isn't really bothered about food?

RuthChan Tue 09-Nov-10 19:51:23

Does he still drink much milk, either BFing or formular?
It could be that his lack of interest in food is due to him still drinking so much.
For both my DCs, their interest in food increased greatly after I weaned them.

bellamysbride Thu 11-Nov-10 12:38:45

Thanks Ruth. No, I don't think he drinks too much milk. I weaned him from breast to beaker at about 13 months, he has this first thing and last thing, the rest of the day he only has water. It is not really his lack of interest in food that I am so worried about (though it would be great if he developed a fantastic appetite over night!), more how he is going to progress to self feeding. I have brought him snazzy spoons but I am a bit lost now.

RuthChan Thu 11-Nov-10 18:53:41

I wouldn't worry too much about whether or not he can use a spoon.
My DCs could by that age, but they were never massively into finger foods.
Maybe he doesn't feel the need to learn something as complicated as using a spoon if he can eat enough by hand.
Is there anything he really loves, such as yoghurt, that can only be eaten by spoon? Maybe you could use something like that to encourage him and give him a reason to learn.

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