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A number 2 cake tin with no idea of recipe to fill it!

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fothergill Sat 06-Nov-10 16:17:26

I am looking for a foolproof recipe for a recipe to fit this 10" x 2" number 2 cake tin.
It is open so can't fill it with water to work out volume...any ideas?

tb Sat 06-Nov-10 17:42:45

You could either put it down on a baking tray and fill it with flour and measure the volume when you tipped it out or, make a 3 or 4 egg sponge and just put in as much as you need to,

I did a no 7 once and don't think it took more than 4 eggs iirc.

One thing I did was to trace round the outline and then cut card about 1/2 inch bigger all round that I covered with foil to make a base to put on the tray. I ended up buying a shiny tray from nisbets, because I couldn't find anything else to put the cake on.

fothergill Sun 07-Nov-10 17:09:22

thanks for reply - hadn't thought as far as that so yes, thanks for foresight!

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