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Help...refusing ALL savoury food!

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mollym Mon 11-Aug-03 17:11:22

My son is 9.5mths and up until now has been a fairly good eater. But for the last 7 days or so he has refused all savoury foods and will only eat small amounts of sweet stuff (yogurts, fruit and breakfast cereal). He'll start off fairly happily with the savoury, but by the time we get to the 3rd mouthfull he's screaming and spitting it out. I'll then try another savoury, but he won't have any of it. He's also not really interested in his milk, drinking up to 3 bottles of water a day! I'm hoping its very temporary and am kinda putting it down to this mad hot weather we're having at the moment + a bit of teething. Any advice and ideas would be gratefully received.

(P.S. I've tryed sweetening his meals with apple juice, but he's wised up).

whymummy Mon 11-Aug-03 17:17:15

hi mollym,yes,is probably the weather,even my children 5 and 3 will only ask for water,juice or ice cream,they`ve both been eating next to nothing in the last 5 or 6 days,don`t worry about it as long as he`s drinking lots he`ll be fine,also when ds was a baby he refused savoury stuff all the time when it was hot

singingmum Mon 11-Aug-03 17:34:55

Agree with whymummy kids 9&3 being nightmares only want to eat junk and not much else although luckily daughter loves fried rice which is something.Wouldn't worry always play up when hot daughter(3yrold)keeps beating up her big brother.
Hate this weather

mollym Tue 12-Aug-03 09:17:25

Thanks guys! yeh... I'm going to blame it on the weather, and hope to see improvement when the temp. drops.

aloha Tue 12-Aug-03 09:28:59

It's the weather. Relax, it will all change when it cools down.

Jenie Tue 12-Aug-03 12:18:10

My ds frequently goes off his food, the worst was for 3 weeks, but because he was eating a few mouthfulls (literally 2 - 3) at each meal time the doctor said that I shouldn't worry and that he'd eat when he got really hungry. He did.

I usually find now that if i give him a pinch of grated cheese then a spoon of food he does better, that's on the day's that he won't eat.

Sometimes I think he does it just because he likes to watch me beg.

When their so young and so little it's hard to imagen that their little body's don't need that food, but hey as long as he doesn't seem to have any other problems then just relax.

rawfinn Wed 27-Aug-03 22:34:57

Snap my ds went off his food for 3 weeks last year. I took him to the doctors and they told me not to worry until he hadn't eaten for 41 days! As long as he was drinking they didn't seem concerned. Anyway he soon got back to normal until recently but sure it must be a combination of teeth and hot weather. At least its cooling down now. Roll on winter!

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