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Anyone tried the new M&S traybakes yet?

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tefal Sat 25-Sep-10 12:22:56

I've got friends for tea tonight so was thinking of doing the one in the add with pork and potatoes and veg. They look good but I always seem to be disappointed with the taste on these things. Anyone tried yet?

MrsDoofenshmirtz Sat 25-Sep-10 14:07:41

never heard of them do you haave a link

BobLoblaw Sat 25-Sep-10 14:37:29

The £6 one? I bought the pork with sauce, onions, apples and potatoes but we're not having it until tomorrow, sorry. It all looks nice though.

BobLoblaw Sat 25-Sep-10 14:39:23 -Sage-Shallot-September-This-Month-Our-Food-Food-W ine/b/514811031?ie=UTF8&ie=UTF8?ie=UTF8&pf_rd_r=16 G0DEP2EPJZKA0KBM16&pf_rd_m=A2BO0OYVBKIQJM&pf_rd_t= 101&pf_rd_i=514810031&pf_rd_p=475115433&pf_rd_s=le ft-nav-2

Looks very nice here.

MrsDoofenshmirtz Sat 25-Sep-10 15:09:41

It looks lovely but is it six pounds for the little jar of stuff ?

domesticsluttery Sat 25-Sep-10 15:17:45

Is it perhaps a £6 deal for the jar plus the other ingredients?

Agree it looks nice though.

BobLoblaw Sat 25-Sep-10 15:27:00

Yes sorry, you get pork loin, jar of sauce thing, red onions, apples and new potatoes for £6 not just the sauce blush

tefal Sat 25-Sep-10 19:11:25

We had the chicken with lemon and garlic for tea and it was gorgeous! Pork one tomorrow!

Highly recommended.

Cheffete Tue 27-Sep-11 21:42:44

The Apple, Shallot and Sage traybake is delicious - I use simply pork loin chops and onions. I thought the Lemon garlic and Parsley one was awful - very bitter.
BTW they're all 99p a jar at the moment so stock up - I did!

prolificwillybreeder Wed 28-Sep-11 14:04:41

Is the same as the sausage one I've seen advertised?
99p! Bargainous! I guess I'll have to get their chocolate covered pretzels whilst I'm there.. rude not to!

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