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I've got lamb mince and fresh mint and want to make burgers ! need your expert help pls

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shinyshoes Thu 09-Sep-10 11:21:30

Like the title says I have fresh mint and lamb mince. Is it as easy as throwing them both together?

Can you share your lovely lamb burger recipes pls

AgentProvocateur Thu 09-Sep-10 12:35:25

You'll need something to bind them, like a raw egg, and when I make burgers I usually add breadcrumbs too. And seasoning, like mustard, onion etc.

Lamb burgers sound delicious!

moragbellingham Sat 11-Sep-10 10:03:18

And a tiny bit of cumin and garlic too ( along with the egg and bread crumbs).
I always pre-fry/soften the onions first a bit as I've done ones with chunky raw onion inside - yum.

Make lots and freeze them inbetween small sheets of greaseproof paper

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