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Have decided to embrace Autumn and purchase a slow cooker, now tell me your favourite recipes

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Katyathegringa Mon 06-Sep-10 17:07:34

I know there are loads of sites out there on the internet but I would appreciate some recommendations on the best slow cooker recipes/tips.

Alambil Mon 06-Sep-10 17:10:15

oooh pork and apple casserole; pork, cooking apple, onion, tin tomatoes, any other veg you like, seasoning (herbs, salt, worcester sauce)

Katyathegringa Mon 06-Sep-10 17:13:39


poweredbyjaffacakes Mon 06-Sep-10 19:52:29

chicken thighs, chorizo, chick peas, passata, paprika, parsley, garlic and chili.
Always a winner in our house!

deemented Mon 06-Sep-10 20:12:52

Pork chops/steaks, a couple per person

tin of tomatoes

tin of beans

chopped onion

a few teaspoons of curry powder mixed with a cup of water.

Bung it all in and cook on low for 6-8 hours - lovely over mash or with big hunks of crusty bread.

There are so many things you can do in a slow cooker...

Spag bol sauce
beans n sausages
whole chickens/joints
rice puds

The list is endless...

Katyathegringa Tue 07-Sep-10 09:36:04

blimey - thanks all

orangina Tue 07-Sep-10 09:47:57

I find most slow cooker receips best started on stove top and then put in the slow cooker. I love the chicken/paprika/choriza one that jaffacakes mentioned (cook it all the time), plus other variations on that theme. also low cooked lamb stew is delicious (I work on my own variation of the Nigella lamb stew, but tweak it to suit). Am revving up to slow cooked pork belly too.

Soups are great. Stock. Bolonaise sauce. Ragu.

comewhinewithme Tue 07-Sep-10 09:50:28

I have just put a beef casserole in it is lovely and the house smells gorgeous.
Google -Jools favourite beef stew recipe.

I would link but my right click is broke .

Casserole Tue 07-Sep-10 10:40:27

Ooh I like this thread. Was going to ask for a slow cooker for Christmas but now I think maybe I can't wait that long!

Any tips on buying one in the first place, any features good to have / complete waste of time etc?

fledtoscotland Tue 07-Sep-10 10:47:32

Ive got this one
not fancy but huge. Best £20 i've spent and the kids love it

Katyathegringa Tue 07-Sep-10 11:15:47

I was looking at that one fledtoscotland - glad to hear it is good as it is one of the cheaper ones I have seen.

Alambil Tue 07-Sep-10 11:19:35

Argos have a good sale on atm - Russel Hobbs £40 crock pot for £20 ... it's quite large though!

deemented Tue 07-Sep-10 11:21:26

I've got that one too, and i'm impressed with it. We bought that one as the 3.5L one we have just wasn't big enough for us to make batches of stuff with. I now use my smaller one for rice puds and porridges. The big one does enough to feed five of us and freeze enough for another meal, all with generous portion sizes.

fledtoscotland Tue 07-Sep-10 11:22:57

I love it - quickly brown meat at 6am before work,shove in pack of frozen stew veg with chopped potates and stock cube and boiling water. Put on low. Dinner served at 5.30pm! Only one pot to wash!

Does what it says on the tin

chimchar Tue 07-Sep-10 11:29:11

oooh o0hh. i've got that cookworks one too... bought it last week. cooked a joint of lamb on was AMAZING!!!! in fact, just doing a lamb stew now with the leftovers...

i have never been so excited about a kitchen thing in all my entire life! <saddo>

tefal Tue 07-Sep-10 11:33:03

The meat always seems to taste horrid when I use mine. What am I doing wrong?

Tortoise Tue 07-Sep-10 11:36:33

I have my mums old little slow cooker but never use it. Reading these ideas i may have to drag it out from the back of the cupboard!

comewhinewithme Press ctrl + c button to copy. ctrl + v to paste smile.

deemented Tue 07-Sep-10 11:41:22

What do you mean, Tefal? I do all sorts of meat in mine and never have a problem.

There are a few meats that i'd brown first before putting in, but that's only sausages and mince, and if i feel like it, beef, but otherwise i just bung it all in.

Katyathegringa Tue 07-Sep-10 11:44:06

And what about puds, are you restricted to rice pud and stewed fruit?

deemented Tue 07-Sep-10 11:45:03

TBH i haven't much explored the puds side of the slow cooker just yet - but i intend to!

deemented Tue 07-Sep-10 11:49:36

Just done a quick google, and it appear that you can make sponge puddings, cakes and cheesecakes in the slowcooker too!

fledtoscotland Tue 07-Sep-10 15:52:30

Havent ventured into puds yet. Pork chops are fantastic as is all meat

muggglewump Tue 07-Sep-10 15:55:02


This makes a change from wet foods which are the norm in Slow Cookers. It's amazing and one of my favourites.

I also love a gammon joint cooked in it, and then the stock used for lentil soup.

deemented Tue 07-Sep-10 16:20:28

mugglewump - thanks so much for that link = loads of new recipes for me to try!!

And a big wow! to her for using her slowcooker every single day of the year!!

GrandmaW Tue 07-Sep-10 16:21:57

I'd like to use my slow cooker to make a rice pudding but it is rather large. Has anyone ever put a smaller dish into their slow cooker and was it ok?

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