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trouble eating

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elliebobs1988 Sun 29-Aug-10 18:31:00

hey to everyone out there i have a 20month old who for a wile now has issues at mealtimes.he either won't eat or will eat one thing one day and then refuse it the next time it is offered. i seem to have tried everyting from helping him eat to leaving him to it while i eat at the same time cooking him the same meal as me or something different. the health visitor has reasured me that he will not starve himself which is true he isnt loosing weight but he gets very upset when he is hungry and then will not eat anything. i am at my wits end and just seeing if anyone else out there has had or is having the same troubles.

RuthChan Sun 29-Aug-10 21:42:04

This is quite normal at this age.
Many children who ate just about anything as babies, suddenly start getting really picky.
This isn't actually a problem for the child, but it can be seriously frustrating as a parent.
Don't worry, as your HV said, he will not starve himself, but you may sometimes wonder whether you'll ever be able to get a balanced diet into him again.
The main thing is to offer him a range of foods and snacks each day, but don't pander to his fads and fussiness. In my house, I have always put a meal on the table and my children eat or don't eat as they see fit on that particular day. I don't give them extra snacks or alternative dishes. If they go hungry by choice, that is their choice.
In general I find that they don't refuse more than one meal a day.
Don't worry. It is a phase that he will grow out of as he learns more about food and feeding. His repertoire and confidence will increase.
In the meantime, eating together is a great way of showing him about eating. Also, don't get stressed about it and try to force him to eat which may put him off things further.
Keep offering foods repetitively. Familiarity will make them more appetising.

Pancakeflipper Sun 29-Aug-10 21:55:16

My 23 month is refusing food. But as already said they will eat when hungry. Just keep offering and be calm.

It's the second time he's done this phase. It usually starts with a tooth appearing. He's had a tough time due to other medical issues and is on a limited diet as it is. We've been away alot August so things have slid and he's back to being meal time monkey.

He tends to have his breakfast then lunch is hit and miss. If he has lunch then tea is usually missed. Tends to have his evening bottle.

I now play tough. No meal eaten then no pud. His brother made a "reward chart" last time we had this phase and used to let him stick a star on a piece of paper when he had eaten. I wasn't keen on this at first - that food / reward thing. But YS loved it and applauded himself and beamed at his star.

I do keep the diet varied but put some of the foods I know he does like as encouragement.

Pancakeflipper Sun 29-Aug-10 21:57:05

Forgot to add - my YS is thriving and no weight decline.

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