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help with family veggie recipes

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realitychick Sun 22-Aug-10 22:43:06

I am so sick of meat. Used to eat loads of veggie meals before kids but they are real meat and 2 veg boys. I'd love to eat more veggie again but neither of them touch eggs and one won't touch lentils if they're a thick soupy texture, though he might try lentil burgers.

They eat home made pasta pomodoro (with all veg pureed and disguised) and home made pizza margherita, and macaroni cheese with a bit of a fuss but that's it for veggie stuff.

If anyone has some simple family favourite recipes, I'd love to hear them.

BelligerentGhoul Mon 23-Aug-10 17:24:24

Falafel in pitta bread?

Bake potatoes and cook some leeks. When the potatoes are done, scoop out the innards and mix with leeks, butter and cheese. Stuff back into the halved skins and bake until crispy. Eat with veggie sausages, perhaps.

If they like baked beans (ugh), they may eat homemade baked beans - can tell you how I do them if you want?

realitychick Tue 24-Aug-10 00:26:47

Thank you. That leek recipe with spuds sounds gorgeous - bet they'd love it. Will definitely try that one.

FessaEst Mon 30-Aug-10 20:02:22

Falafals and couscous

Veggie enchiladas (with kidney beans, tinned toms, hidden veg) and wedges.

Tofu burgers from Jenny Maizel's book, can post if you like? With homemade sweet potato/potato chips.

How about veg lasagne with aubergine etc?

Or a new potato and chickpea (mild) curry, rice and naan?

I am not keen on eggs but love them in special fried rice or eggy bread?


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