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cupcakes - can I use oil instead of butter?

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mousymouse Sat 21-Aug-10 10:18:07

I have a recipe that requires 200g of butter. don*t have that much at home and do not want can*t go shopping today.
can I use sunflower oil instead?
if yes, I guess a little less because it*s more liquid?

LadyintheRadiator Sat 21-Aug-10 10:23:22

How much butter do you have?

I think you can substitute butter for oil, but if you had, say 150 of butter I think I'd reduce the other ingredients to match and just have slightly fewer cupcakes IYSWIM?

cupofcoffee Sat 21-Aug-10 10:26:56

I think oil instead of butter would not taste good. Then again I'm a bit of a butter lover so it my taste ok to others?

mousymouse Sat 21-Aug-10 10:33:29

I love butter as well, so will wait with baking for after the weekly shop.
only enough butter left for spreading on my toast...

mountainmonkey Sat 21-Aug-10 11:33:08

I quite often use oil- it makes for softer cakes (more like american muffins). Just put a cup on your scales, zero them, and weigh out your oil.

tb Sat 21-Aug-10 17:36:56

Butter is 20% water, so at most would be 160g. I'd try adding it bit by bit and taste too, to see if it's ok. If not, I'd chuck it and sent dp/dh out for some butter.

BuntyPenfold Sat 21-Aug-10 23:36:22

I bake all the time with olive oil. In chocolate, blueberry, ginger , carrot and spice cake no one ever tastes it. It might be noticeable in plain cake mix I suppose.

hillee Sat 21-Aug-10 23:49:55

I am with Bunty - you can definitely get away with it. But I would cream the butter with all the sugar first, then add the OO to get the desired consistency, then go ahead with normal cake baking.

With a carrot cake, I only ever use OO.

blueshoes Sun 22-Aug-10 00:31:40

Yes. It will taste lighter and not as rich. I prefer butter though.

mousymouse Sun 22-Aug-10 13:30:51

I baked them now. they are tasty but crispy on the outside. not really moist. maybe I have a crap recipe.
I used
200g flour
150g oil (recipe says 200g butter)
100g sugar

blueshoes Sun 22-Aug-10 14:07:31

mousymouse, dry sounds about right. Maybe I had a crap recipe too.

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