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MSG free party food

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PaulaMummyKnowsBest Thu 19-Aug-10 10:56:04

I am having a party for my daughter and one of her friends can't have any MSG as it flairs up her juvenile arthritis and she will end up very ill.

Any ideas as to what party food we can have?

nannyl Thu 19-Aug-10 16:09:57

surely you can bake your own cakes, / biscuits
cherry tomatoes / grapes / raw carrots, plain crisps,
decent quality little sausages
baby bels

jelly and ice cream and fairy cakes for pudding

make sandwiches,

pagwatch Thu 19-Aug-10 16:13:29

I can't think of anything I serve at parties that does contain it -
sandwiches, baby sausages, brownies, cakes, ice cream, jelly, popcorn as well as veggies, fruit etc

PaulaMummyKnowsBest Thu 19-Aug-10 17:53:57

thank you

they are the type of things that I was thinking of but wasn't sure if it was "grown up" enough for girls of almost 12.

The girls are going to bake and decorate their own cakes as most shop bought birthday cakes seem to have it in.

It is so frustrating that it is in so many different types of food!

MilaMae Thu 19-Aug-10 18:21:01

I've only seen it in Walkers crisps which I avoid.

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