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What is the same as fromage blanc?

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LooL00 Sun 01-Aug-10 15:58:14

Is it the same as fromage frais? I always thought it was different but sainsburys only sell fromage frais not fromage blanc.

CoteDAzur Sun 01-Aug-10 16:01:32

Same thing. Indistinguishable from certain kinds of yoghurt imho.

TubOfLard Sun 01-Aug-10 16:09:51

No, they are not the same but you can substitute plain or Greek yogurt, crème fraiche, (or sour cream if whipping is not required)

Othersideofthechannel Sun 01-Aug-10 17:03:14

I think they are the same thing and Wikipedia agrees with me


LooL00 Mon 02-Aug-10 11:09:25

Thanks everyone. The recipe I have is from a French kids cookbook and you make a broccoli souffle with fromage blanc to start instead of doing a roux then white sauce. Do you think fromage frais will work? I'd like to try it as it cuts out one stage of preparation and we have a coeliac who visits sometimes so this would be a great recipe for her.

Othersideofthechannel Mon 02-Aug-10 12:58:21

Ooh, that sounds good. If it works, could you post the recipe please?

LooL00 Mon 02-Aug-10 13:27:31

Of course i will but it may be a while before i get round to it.

lala13 Wed 11-Mar-15 13:59:35

No it doesn't. :p
"Fromage blanc(also known asmaquée) is afresh cheeseoriginating from the north of Franceand the south ofBelgium. The name means "white cheese" inFrench.Fromage fraisDIFFERS fromfromage blancin that, according to French legislation." It's literally the first paragraph and all the cream specialist sites agree.

As a french person who has now lived in the uk for 4 years, I can also assure you that fromage frais and fromage blanc are COMPLETELY different.You can however substitute it with Greek yogurt(almost exactly) or Quark(very slightly different) depending on the usage as Fromage blanc is practically impossible to find here in the UK.

Carolcb57 Fri 12-Jun-15 17:45:11

Absolutely agree with lala 13. In France at the moment and taking every opportunity to eat fromage blanc and can't get it in UK.

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