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fish in batter recipe please

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HondaDream Mon 22-Aug-05 08:42:15

I make my kids fish in batter but I am sure my batter is not the best it always seems a bit soggy on the inside. My granny used to make hers with beer, anybody got a good recipe please.

Hausfrau Mon 22-Aug-05 08:53:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Iklboo Mon 22-Aug-05 08:56:12

Beer is best to make a light crispy batter. It all cooks off when you fry/grill the fish anyway so don't worry about making your little ones tiddly!

mumtosomeone Mon 22-Aug-05 08:59:00

I have a really easy one..not strictly batter though!!
It can be done in advance too then grilled!

Dip your fish in flour(seasoned) then egg and deep fry in hot oil!
lay on kitchen paper to take of oil...the fish not you!! then grill when you want to eat it or you can eat it straight away!!! with salad and new potatoes and mayonaise,yum! and I dont like fish!!!!!

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