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School Dinners - will they help?

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Maddison Sat 20-Aug-05 14:03:16

Mys DS1 is 4.8yrs and is the fussiest eater I know. As a baby he would eat anything we would give him and we couldn't shovel it in fast enough, I don't know whats gone wrong.

Anyway, he starts school in a few weeks and I'm planning on putting him on school dinners for a while to see how he gets on. I'm hoping that sitting with his friends and seeing them eating a variety of foods will make him want to try them too and get his taste back for a range of things.

I'd love to hear other peoples experiences of this. Did it work for you?

emmatom Sat 20-Aug-05 14:06:02

Yes, good idea. It's amazing how a bit of peer pressure can help in a positive way.

All kids at that age want to be the same don't they, so I'm sure being with others eating will be good thing for him.

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