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Pancakes for 8 month old

(6 Posts)
kama Sat 20-Aug-05 12:33:34

Message withdrawn

nailpolish Sat 20-Aug-05 12:34:30

i make my 10 mth old raisin pancakes

MistressMary Sat 20-Aug-05 12:35:10

my boy likes pancakes too

kama Sat 20-Aug-05 12:35:51

Message withdrawn

nailpolish Sat 20-Aug-05 12:38:09

i just add them to the mixture! i sometimes put a bit of lemon juice in them too (before cooking)

colditz Sat 20-Aug-05 13:06:29

I gave my ds pancakes quite young, I used to put apple puree in the middle and roll them up. Yum!

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