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Cooking Quorn

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kalex Fri 19-Aug-05 17:06:42

On impulse today I bought Quorn mince, to make pasta and sauce.

So the question is, how do I know when it's cooked, and how is it supposed to taste.

spacecadet Fri 19-Aug-05 17:08:36

stir fry it for a few mins oin the pan, with a little oil, then add your ingrediants and cook for about 20 mins, quorn cooks very quickly and mince doesnt have a defined taste as such(in the same way that meat does).

QueenEagle Fri 19-Aug-05 17:13:09

I use Quorn mince all the time and cook it in just the same way as I would mince meat.

Fry onions in a little olive oil in frying pan til soft,

add mince and chopped tinned tomatoes and shepherds pie mix

(add a little extra water as it can be a little on the dry side).

add kidney beans.


If I am doing Quorn with pasta, I cook it for a few minutes with sauce of choice and mix the cooked pasta in just before it's ready to serve.

I also cook lasagne - just using the Quorn in place of mincemeat and cook it in exactly the same way.

QueenEagle Fri 19-Aug-05 17:18:09

Quorn takes on the taste of whatever sauce you cook it with.

p.s. hiya spacey!! Fancy some visitors next week??

kalex Fri 19-Aug-05 17:18:10

Thank you both,

Just noticed the dry thing. It's just stuck to the bottom of the pan

Have added water.

spacecadet Fri 19-Aug-05 17:30:07

would love some QE

spacecadet Fri 19-Aug-05 17:30:44

kalex, try the quorn fillets, they are lovely with a nice sauce.

QueenEagle Fri 19-Aug-05 17:51:32

Or Quorn pieces, kalex, in a sauce. Try Realeat veggie mince (Tesco sell it) instead of Quorn - it's cheaper for more, and doesn't taste quite so dry imo.

Monday or Thursday, spacey???

spacecadet Fri 19-Aug-05 17:53:52

monday is better because i have a hospital appt on thurs

kalex Fri 19-Aug-05 17:56:10

Well, it was actually not too bad, thanks will try the Tesco one, the kids are tucking in always a good sign.

spacecadet Fri 19-Aug-05 17:58:53

pleased to hear it

QueenEagle Fri 19-Aug-05 18:12:48

kalex - quorn mince is far better than real meat - no fat, lots of protein. I've cooked it in lasagne for someone who couldn't tell the difference.

spacey - Monday sounds good; will phone you when I get a spare minute!

spacecadet Fri 19-Aug-05 18:14:17

great QE!

trace2 Fri 19-Aug-05 18:16:57

i love quorn, and cook as i would meat, ie with onions mushrooms, pasta

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