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How should I store fruit?

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Lmccrean Fri 19-Aug-05 16:41:55

How should I store grapes and strawberries etc to prolong their shelf life? Bought some strawberries from M&S with date of a week away, but they were soft and slightly moldy after 3 days.

Should I keep them in airtight containers? What about lakelands keep fresh type bags-do they/would they work?

NannyL Fri 19-Aug-05 17:51:24

the lakeland keep fresh bags do work really welll... as long as you regualry wipe out any condensation with a bit of kitchen paper

i always store strawberries and grapes (and pretty much all fruit and veg but NOT BANANAS) in the fridge.... but they taste much better if you remove them a good 3 or 4 hours before serving... to bring them up to oom temp so you can actually taste the flavours...

same with tomatoes

I dont always store apples / pears in the fridge, but thats cause they get eaten out of the fruit bowl pretty quickly....

potatoes and onions are also ok out of the fridge...

but as a general rule... fruit and veg in fridge... and if you eat it cold bring it up to room temp for a few hours before you intend to eat it!

Lmccrean Sat 20-Aug-05 13:25:57

ooops...just realised how unclear i was how should I store strawberries and grapes in the fridge ... would airtight containers be ok? I have a few of the keep fresh bags, given to me by my mum, but assume they contain some kinda chemical or something to keep the stuff fresh for longer?

NannyL Sat 20-Aug-05 21:40:42

well i keep them in the packaging they come in from the supermarket...

those plastic tubs or bags with holes down the side...

def would NOT do air tight... i think these theings like to 'breath'!

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