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cake recipe for 9 inch round sandwich tins

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sunglasses Mon 12-Jul-10 20:42:52

Have never made a cake before!!
Anyone have a simple recipe for a large round sponge cake/ victoria sandwich cake type cake and some simple decorating/filling suggestions. I bought two 9 inch sandwich tins today but cant find any recipes for this size tin. Its for my daughters 5th birthday in two weeks.

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taffetacatski Mon 12-Jul-10 22:42:07

If you can find a recipe for a larger tin, then use that and fill up the tins to 2/3rds full, then use any remaining batter for fairy cakes.

I am doing one for my DD's 4th birthday in a few weeks. I sandwich with jam and buttercream, buy ready made pink icing locally to cover it, and will then let DD mad with sweets and lollies to decorate. Last year I did the same but used all different shades of pink jellybeans.

Olihan Mon 12-Jul-10 22:57:31

This is my tried-and-tested-and-approved-of-by-paying-customers recipe:

If you follow it Very Carefully it is fool proof!

For a 9" cake you'll need 7 medium eggs.

Grease and line the bottom of the tins with a circle of greaseproof/baking paper. Heat the oven (non fan, if you've got one) to 160 degrees.

Weigh the eggs with their shells on. Then use the same weight of Stork (in the tub NOT the foil wrapper)/self raising flour and caster sugar. So if the eggs are 245g you'd use 245g of all the other ingredients.

Beat the stork until it's soft then add the caster sugar and beat it for 5 minutes so it's very light and fluffy. You really need a hand mixer or food processor with beater for this unless you've got very good arm muscles. Don't skimp on the beating, it's how you get lots of air in the mix so it rises.

While it's beating lightly beat the eggs together with a fork and add a tsp of vanilla essence and a tbsp of milk.

Once the marg/sugar mix is beaten add the egg mixture a bit at a time with a spoonful of sieved flour. Beat well after each addition.

Once you've added all the egg mixture sieve in the rest of the flour plus a couple of extra heaped tablespoonfuls and thoroughly mix in using a metal spoon. You want to be fairly gentle with this bit so you don;t batter all the air out of the mixture.

Split it between the tins and bake at 160 degrees for around 40 mins - they should have risen, be smooth on the top and a light golden colour (don't open the oven door before then or the cakes will sink).

If you stick a skewer in the middle it should come out clean and if you listen to it there should be a few bubbling noises - if it's bubbling furiously, give it another 5-10 mins.

Good luck!

sunglasses Tue 13-Jul-10 11:57:03

oh wow, Thank you both. Will follow your recipe Olihan and your decorating ideas Taff. Do you cover the whole cake with icing or just the top? is it that ready to roll stuff or spready icing/ You can see I am a complete novice! Is it ok to use butter instead of margerine? does it taste better? or does it not matter. Dont usually use margerine at home thats all.

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ByThePowerOfGreyskull Tue 13-Jul-10 12:01:36

sunglasses I do the same as Olihan but I use 50/50 butter and stork, to get the flavor of the butter with the lightness of the stork.

Butter makes a much more dense cake.

sunglasses Tue 13-Jul-10 12:03:11

Great, Thanks for the tip. I am learning lots

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taffetacatski Tue 13-Jul-10 13:04:49

I am lucky enough to have this place close - but they do loads mail order. they sell blocks of ready made icing ( sugarpaste ) in every single colour you can think of - you just roll it out to fit your cake - top and sides so it looks neat(ish)and then go mad with the sweets - DD this year wants smarties and lollipops grin

You can cover the cake's top and sides in a little lightly warmed apricot jam, this helps the sugarpaste stick. But the lovely other posters on this thread are the real experts, I don't know if this is the best method, but it seems to work OK for me.

Padgett Mon 08-Apr-19 17:21:08

Hello Olihan. Been desperately looking for a 9inch recipe, and blow me, you have put a fool proof one on. Well happy to say, I’ve made it. It’s perfect. I’m making a birthday cake today, Thursday a 60th birthday cake. So this lady is very happy. A big thank you. Would you be so kind as to put a butter cream filling on as well. I can bake and cook, but failed on the 9inch tins( not now) look forward to your reply. 😘👏👏👏👏

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