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Klara Fri 19-Aug-05 10:12:45

ok - here's hoping someone can help. I have made jam a few times in the past, mainly reaspberry, apple and blaccurrant and strawberry. I now have about 2 kilos of plums kicking around as we have a small tree in our garden which just seems to give me more and more fruit every year (NOT that I'm complaining). I had thought about making them into Jam, but not sure....

a) is plum jam good?
b) does it set easily or do I need pectin
c) how much sugar per kg of fruit and is that weight including the stones, or after you take the stones out?



aloha Fri 19-Aug-05 10:19:43

Weight includes stones (but obviously you take the stones out before you make it!), use about 2.5lbs of sugar to 3lbs of plums (sorry never got to grips with kilos) it sets very easily indeed (no pectin) and the jam is WONDERFUL! I've made some this week and had it on my toast every morning. Can I recommend the addition of the zest and juice of one orange to make it even yummier. You can also stir in chopped walnuts which is very nice too. Couldn't be easier to make. Stone plums, put in with cupful of water & the orange juice (if using) and simmer for about an hour add sugar and bring to boil until jam is setting (test on a cold plate). Bingo. Put in sterile jars. Feel smug.

basketcase Fri 19-Aug-05 10:23:16

Plum jam is lovely - but obviously varies depending on sweetness of the plums. I use Prue Leith’s recipe and works for me.
1kg plums
1kg preserving sugar

I always weigh the fruit once cleaned and stoned. - keep the kernels.
Put the fruit and sugar into a bowl and leave overnight (not a metal bowl) (mash them a bit to get the juices going and to stop needing extra water when melting sugar the next day)
Next day transfer to the largest pan ou have and heat slowly until sugar dissolved. This is lovely - makes the house smell great. Do it slowly as you don’t want to burn the sugar
Once dissolved, turn up heat and bring to a rapid boil - watch for splashes (about 7-10 mins) Add the kernels while still bubbling. Allow to stand for 10 mins.
Pour into clean, warm jars
Cover and label
Leave undisturbed overnight. Store in cool, dark place.

Note - it helps to soften harder fruit if you mash them with the sugar before leaving overnight with a potato masher.
During boiling the stones will float to the top and can be lifted out with a slotted spoon - think adding the kernels stops the scum forming.
Remember to sterillise the jars before use to stop bugs - I shove mine in an oven to dry after washing in hot soapy water.

basketcase Fri 19-Aug-05 10:25:01

crossed posts with aloha - obv. the weighing thing depends on the recipe, some take it into consideration and others don’t. Mmm, I think I saw a sign in the next village saying that it was selling plums - you have got me in the mood for jam making now

trefusis Fri 19-Aug-05 10:26:58

Message withdrawn

aloha Fri 19-Aug-05 10:33:33

basketcase, I'm sure your recipe works perfectly too. I don't think jam making is an exact science, and tbh, I think 3lbs of unstoned plums to to 2.5lbs of sugar is probably the same as equal amounts with unstoned plums. Yes I think the stones are supposed to do something, but I've done it with and without stones and there was actually no difference.
Sterilising jars - I just wash them, pour in boiling water from the kettle and let them air dry. I just put the clean lid on them afterwards and don't bother with cellophane.

basketcase Fri 19-Aug-05 10:37:19

ok - the jam is sterilised itself by rapid boiling. According to Prue Leith (my cookery guru) the jam jars need not normally be sterilised since the heat of the jam should be sufficient to sterilize them. However, some "harmless" moulds do form round the rim if done like this - can be wiped away but not suitable for vulnerable groups people..Jam jars can be sterilised in solutions used for babie bottle sterilizing, even ordinary bleach and then boiling water thorough rinse (mm not convinced..) I think washing thoroughly in hot soapy water and then left to dry in warm oven is enough - never got ill from it.
The jam funnel should be sterilised but stirring spoons not needed as they are in the bubbling liquid and that kills the bugs.
Once put into the clean jars, need to seal them to prevent bugs getting in. Old fashioned method was paraffin wax poured over the surface of the jam! Now ordinary wax paper circles from cook shops will do - or even greaseproof paper disks pressed down to make a seal (my mum does this - used to get me to cut them out when I was little).
Seal while jam is boiling hot. Fill jars up to the shoulder to limit amount of air in jar. Srew lid on tight.

basketcase Fri 19-Aug-05 10:38:54

must admit, aloha, that we don’t bother with disks either. We eat the jam faster than the bugs can get to it

Klara Fri 19-Aug-05 10:45:50

Gosh - thanks - you lot are really into the jam making thing! I must admit that i usually do heat my jars in the oven to sterilize them - it's the way my mum has always done it.

It will be funny to have jam from home grown fruit as we don't live in the country - more suburbia. My mother thogh lives on a farm and has called me to say there is 25 kg of raspberries needing made into jam when i go to visit next month......that's 50kg of jam! Arghhh....guess what we eat all winter?

Am definitely going to try making the plum tonight when ds is in bed...


Klara Fri 19-Aug-05 10:46:22

oh - and will try the orange addition - sounds yummy.

aloha Fri 19-Aug-05 10:47:58

Good luck. I'm a Londoner and the plums are London plums, from my mum's garden. Still excellent jam - and we eat it fast too

basketcase Fri 19-Aug-05 10:48:08

I’m gonna try the orange addition too - thanks for that tip Aloha

Klara Fri 19-Aug-05 10:50:33

have my MIL coming round tomorrow - maybe I will really impress her and show off by making some scones as well.....

Will probably be too tired by the time I get home to go that far.

Klara Mon 22-Aug-05 08:44:01

just to let you know - the jam was a great sucess, and the orange was a great addition - you can definitly taste a hint of it in the background - thanks for the top tip Aloha.


aloha Mon 22-Aug-05 08:57:04

You're welcome! Glad it worked. Was the MIL impressed?

basketcase Mon 22-Aug-05 09:01:59

Got a big bag of plums yesterday so planning to make a few jars tonight when children are out of harm’s way. I have got my orange all ready...

Klara Mon 22-Aug-05 10:44:05

yes - made a quiche too which was much enjoyed.

Unfortunately my scones didn't turn out so wll and could have sunk a duck!

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