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I've decided to go until people stop being silly about having a tory government.

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belledechocolatefluffybunny Wed 12-May-10 16:49:51

It's getting on my nerves now so I'm going to have a break until you have all calmed down. There's really no need for all the tory bashing that's been going on, it's rather pathetic. The tory supporters have had to put up with a Labour government for the past 13 years and we have not complained even a fraction of the amount that I've seen on here.
I hope that in the years that I have been on here that I have helped and made some of you laugh. I might return, real life needs me to do other things for a while though.



Lizzylou Wed 12-May-10 17:23:24

Just ignore it all, I have had my MOther blaming everything that happens on the fact that I vote Labour, selling Gold/Credit Crunch/Cherie Blair's mouth, it is all my fault.
I just give her more wine until she eventually passes out.

If you are secure in your beliefs and feel hopeful for the future, then why get embroiled?

I fancy Nick Clegg, so I am somewhat pleased


I also need to clean, am hoping for a return to the "Loadsamoney" 80's so I can get a cleaner.

IndigoSky Wed 12-May-10 17:23:45

Have a good time in RL Belle. When you come back most of the hysteria will have died down, I'm sure. I keep away from those threads because I do think they are repetitive and dull as cat says, not because I support any particular party.

However, I have a theory that an awful lot of people who say they voted labour or lib dem actually voted tory....

Good luck with the cleaning!

wannaBe Wed 12-May-10 17:25:23

the thing is, people don't seem to realize how personal these discussions are getting, and yet the same people who are "tori bashing" are the same ones that take it personally when people talk about the need for cuts.

It's apparently not ok to make reference to the need for spending cuts because of all the people that might be affected (and given we don't know yet this is not a certainty), and yet it's ok to slag off anyone that earns more than say, £50k and name-call, and no-one is allowed to defend themselves against that because they're rich.

Fwiw I wasn't happy with any of the parties. Financially we have been made worse off under the labour govt but the potential for public service cuts concerns me re the tori's. But I voted for them because my candidate was a very personable individual who came canvasing personally at my door, unlike the labour candidate that has been brought in from 100 miles away to replace the one that resigned (the tori candidate got in here).

I think as much as people might dislike the tori's, it's also important not to lose sight of the people you are, and ask whether you would speak to people you know personally in the way that some tori voters have been spoken to by some on here.

belledechocolatefluffybunny Wed 12-May-10 17:26:01

Absolutely Ripeberry. The country partied for years under the Labour government. The party's over now though and it's time for it to be cleaned up. They will save alot of money by scrapping the ID cards though, this is a really good plan. We did live in a shopping culture, credit was too freely availiable and the country turned into shopaholics, it was bound to blow up at some point. I hope the country develops different values, the community spirit seems to be lacking in some areas, it's very sad.

UnquietDad Wed 12-May-10 17:27:19

Just to say I have never Tori-bashed. I have had a copy of "Little Earthquakes" since 1991 and I love it to bits.

belledechocolatefluffybunny Wed 12-May-10 17:29:26

I agree with you all. It's lovely that I don't feel like the odd one out.

I still have to clean and work though sad

belledechocolatefluffybunny Wed 12-May-10 17:30:47

facebook is just as bad as here, I'm going to have to do a cull later.

We all make mistakes, 13 years is too long to hold a grudge though.

2shoes Wed 12-May-10 17:35:10

hope you come back soon.

belledechocolatefluffybunny Wed 12-May-10 17:36:19


Kewcumber Wed 12-May-10 17:39:40

"They will save alot of money by scrapping the ID cards though, this is a really good plan." - Amen

seeker Wed 12-May-10 17:40:38

I am not being silly when I say I genuinely fear for the future under the Tories- I can remember the tast Tory administration which dertroyed British Industry, sold British assets to the highest bidder and taught people to believe that they should 'look out for number one' because there is no such thing as society. I remember massive waiting lists for hospital appointments and the sale of council houses. I remember punitive measures against single mothers and section 28. That's not being silly. That's being politically aware.

AndieWalsh Wed 12-May-10 17:40:47

Cheerio then

wannaBe Wed 12-May-10 17:48:40

Thing is, it's one thing to not like what the party stands for, it's quite another to personally insult those that vote for said party.

The tori's may have made mistakes in the past, but the vitreol directed at some of the tori voters on mn is not dissimilar to that directed at some of the bnp supporters.

belledechocolatefluffybunny Wed 12-May-10 17:49:35

Being politically aware is fair enough, this was 13 years + though. Things change, people change, you can't tar the whole of the Conservative party for the same brush that's 13 years old. Parties build on what's happened before, give them a chance before you slate them.

AndieWalsh Wed 12-May-10 17:57:33

Um, it's the whole political ideology of Conservatism that I have a problem with, actually. The core values of the Tory party. Yuck.

QOD Wed 12-May-10 17:57:34

I must admit I am all eye rolly about the whole hysteria on here and facebook about conservative etc.
My feeling is majority rules, that's democracy - we accepted labour for years and now it#s someone else's turn - someone new to change things.
You know, a "friend" of mines friend on facebook added to her thread about being pleased to say
"its alright for you, my husband will have to give up work now because they'll cut our tax credits so its not worth working"
THAT'S the sort of person that has broken Britain.
Bugger, did I just get political? LOL

belledechocolatefluffybunny Wed 12-May-10 18:00:53

I don't think people have actually read their manifesto (not that most of it applies now though), there's way too many assumptions.

You are political QOD grin

catinthehat2 Wed 12-May-10 18:08:08

It's Tory with a Y all you random spelling persons on this thread.

Tori is a girl's name and you have to have a balloony thing over the 'i' rather than a dot.

LadyintheRadiator Wed 12-May-10 18:13:30

This is ridiculous. Of course MN is full of political talk at the moment, the election was less than a week ago. You say 'we' Tory supporters haven't done half the labour bashing as the 'lefties' have Tory bashing. Well fucking dur. There hasn't been a change of govt in that time, has there? And you are delusional if you think MN would be any different had Labour won!

Honestly, whichever 'side' you are on flouncing because of the high number of political threads at the moment is just absurd. It is easy to hide or ignore stuff you don't want to read, and unless someone is holding a gun to your head it's also really easy not to reply to stuff.

FairyMum Wed 12-May-10 18:21:32

I would probably be thrown out of the window by my colleagues at work if I said I as a Labour supporter so I think its lovely to come on MN and do a little Tory-bashing. I don't get how you can take anything anyone say to you on MN personally as you don't actually know anyone here. In RL I don't really discuss politics much and I expect its the same for most people. MN is not RL.

CoupleofKooks Wed 12-May-10 18:24:09

flouncing because 'silly' people don't like the Tories?
and presuming that it's because they don't properly understand their manifesto?

excuse me while i hmm at you on your way out

Ripeberry Wed 12-May-10 19:39:07

So far they are raising the tax rate to £10,000, that includes the pensioners who now won't have to pay so much tax on their pensions.
Is that enough to start with?

pagwatch Wed 12-May-10 19:43:52


excuse me!

some of us fucking hate Toris...Spelling, Hatcher...
shits - all of them

ThatVikRinA22 Wed 12-May-10 19:54:34

i think the thing is its quite an emotive topic - lots of stuff on mumsnet is. you could always ignore us silly people you know belle!

(i didnt think i was going to vote this time and im quite amazed at what a political animal i became! sorry to say im not pro cameron or clegg either)

dont flounce. just hide the stuff that gets on your tits!

catinthehat2 Wed 12-May-10 19:57:03

(Pag, I was about to add something about Aaron Spelling's daughter, but thought it might get too confusing when complaining about.. spelling) confused

But I do take your point.

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