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Never ever thought I would do this, but I'm off too.

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EyeballsInABadMood Mon 06-Jul-09 00:56:51

Loads and load of fantastic people on here. But recently just a few too many arseholes and I don't like some sides of people I'm seeing.

I may return, depends how much I miss it. But I'm trying to come off my anti-Ds and I just don't need the aggro at the moment.

Good luck all and huge thanks to everyone who has answered my numpty questions over the last few years

gigglewitch Mon 06-Jul-09 01:06:55

awww, eyeballs, can't you just stay and lurk? Or wander in to the nocturnal frivolity thread - which is the twilight zone?

FenellaFudge Mon 06-Jul-09 01:34:36

Have a break, sometimes you get into a way of thinking that is just not helped by being exposed to really distasteful opinions.

I got to a point where I only seemed to see the negatives on here and I would get really intensely wound up by certain threads/ posters.

I decided to take a break - it turned into a looooooooooooong break - and since coming back I can take it all with a pinch of salt, which is not to say that I dont still get wound up by certain things but I just think @thank god I dont run into people like this in RL' and I'm much, much better at clicking the Hide Thread button at the merest hint of somrthing that will push my buttons.

I think that once you have had a good long break it's easier to see MN for what it is and not get too drawn in, I can just dip in and out now which I always found harder before. Sadly it means I doubt I'll have as much fun as last time or build up MN friendships this time but I'd rather this than the more... umm.. intense experience.

Hope you feel better and come back at a time when you can enjoy it more.

EyeballsintheSky Tue 07-Jul-09 11:16:27

Oh bugger this, I'm crap at flouncing! angry. Managed to atay away for a whole 20 hours but had a lurk last night and saw a few things I wanted to post on but couldn't.

Damn you Mumsnet!


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