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Bye Justine

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catinthehat1 Sun 03-May-09 19:51:36

OK girls, I think that's it for me for Mumsnet.

It's been nice lurking and occasionally posting when time permits.

Maybe I've helped some people, I've certainly been helped a lot over the years by referring to the archive.

But this- yes - censorship actually takes the biscuit.

For the second time I've had a post taken down which refers to publicly and freely available information you can get on a publicly funded website. It's Companies House. It's not Wikileaks. It's unbelievably basic and public info. (Make sure you refer to the free search facility on that site if you ever need to check out a company which is cheating you and your children of your hard earned money. Directors details are all there as well. Its part of the checks and balances required in a capitalist society.)

The posts have been deleted twice. No explanation from Mumsnet either on the thread linked below or on my email. To say I am disappointed with this behaviour is an understatement.

I have been on the site for several years now as Catinthehat and Catinthehat1. That is it for me I am afraid.

I will probably lurk to see how long it takes for this post to be taken down, but I won't have anything to say. I will also copy this post to Chat, Flouncers Corner, and Site Stuff with cross references to this thread in "Other subjects". I hope a few people see it but it's a slow night so I don't think it will amount to many people, but do try and remember what has happened here.

Please consider what this means for your freedom to think, explore and share information. Consider the principles which are important to you, and those which are important to the owners of this site. It's certainly been an eyeopener for me.

(Bye Justine)

PheasantPluckersSon Sun 03-May-09 19:55:17

Ok then....?!. hmm

MarlaSinger Sun 03-May-09 19:56:35

What a bloody odd post.

Why has this been posted three four times? Excessive, non? Are you so important everyone must read it? Bi-zarre.

bigchris Sun 03-May-09 19:59:22

sad to see you go catinthehat xxx

2shoes Sun 03-May-09 20:00:19


chequersmate Sun 03-May-09 20:02:25

Thought this might get a different response in the section!

Bye though, sorry you feel you have to go.

MrsMattie Sun 03-May-09 20:03:15

Haven't a scooby what this is about. Anyone care to enlighten me?

KerryMumbles Tue 30-Nov-10 20:39:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

QuintessentialShadows Tue 30-Nov-10 20:42:12

I am intrigued. Whats up?

Hulababy Tue 30-Nov-10 20:43:48

Justine as responded with her reasons on one of the other threads.

QuintessentialShadows Tue 30-Nov-10 20:58:09

Kerry, why are you bumping this old thread?
What has happened? It is from May 2009!

KerryMumbles Tue 30-Nov-10 21:04:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ChickensHaveNoMercyForTurkeys Tue 30-Nov-10 21:07:42

Eh? hmm How did this get resurrected? Most strange. And I'm sure I've seen that hat wearing cat about more recently.

PuraVida Tue 30-Nov-10 21:09:10

I just had an old Gwen stafani thread in active convos how odd

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