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Rescue me in an Indiana Jones stylee

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CurlyhairedAssassin Sun 28-Dec-08 22:30:55

Have flounced off one off the Sleb twaddle threads. Someone making out they are famous, giving clues and disappearing. The need to try and guess is pulling me in.....quick - grab my hand and save me from the precipice of Doom! I really want to make it a proper flounce. I just feel that if I look at that thread again, I will be letting myself down....

Who was that woman in mythology in Hades or somewhere that was told not to look back, and she did and something terrible happened?
That's me, that is....

cornsilk Sun 28-Dec-08 22:31:47

Is that the thread with Jimmy Choos on? Is she back on teasing us?

CurlyhairedAssassin Sun 28-Dec-08 22:33:47

Not yet. blush that I know the answer to that. This flouncing business isn't easy, y'see. I made the error of clicking on "Threads I'm on" and there it was.....had to click. I am so lame.....

Penthesileia Sun 28-Dec-08 22:33:54


Don't dooooooooo it!

ToysAreLikeDogs Sun 28-Dec-08 22:35:11

You are thinking of Lot's wife

Come to our Chanel thread where we are creating the next No 5 ad

theinsider Sun 28-Dec-08 22:36:45

Hide the thread.

cornsilk Sun 28-Dec-08 22:39:11

Would you like me to check for you. I am strong - I can take it.

theinsider Sun 28-Dec-08 22:41:57

Or, "watch the thread" then if you're anything like me, that means you'll instantly forget all about it and find in two months time when you check "threads I'm watching" by which stage it'll be finsished, either resolved or unresolved but at least you're not constantly refreshing... wondering...

WilfSellHasABigRaddledCock Sun 28-Dec-08 22:42:06


cornsilk Sun 28-Dec-08 22:43:37

Wilf - you know how some of us aren't sure whether you're male or female, well....

cornsilk Sun 28-Dec-08 22:50:00

Right I've been and looked. They're all throwing mince pies at each other and Jimmy Choos hasn't shown up.

WilfSellHasABigRaddledCock Sun 28-Dec-08 22:51:13

was it the feem toon or the big raddled cock that made me more, erm, male?

cornsilk Sun 28-Dec-08 22:51:40

er, the cock....

ToysAreLikeDogs Sun 28-Dec-08 22:52:06

Oh rofl Wilf at your name

cornsilk Sun 28-Dec-08 22:54:10

Did you win the christmas name prize Wilf?

CurlyhairedAssassin Sun 28-Dec-08 22:59:24

At the risk of making me seem more innocent than I am, is the term "raddled" a euphemism for something that I probably already know?

I am thinking veiny......or leprotic......something along those lines?

WilfSell Mon 29-Dec-08 15:06:01

I did, cornsilk! grin

Round my way, 'raddled' just (just?!) means drunk or drugged...

CurlyhairedAssassin Mon 29-Dec-08 18:00:28

grin grin grin

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