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I am Not Flouncing

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solidgoldskullonastick Sat 25-Oct-08 23:38:22

Because I can wind you all up far more by staying on here.

If I go quiet now and again, it is Not a Flounce, it is a Temporary Interruption In Service (ie no broadband because haven't paid bill again).

So there.
<moons at computer>

berolina Sat 25-Oct-08 23:44:45

I was expecting '...but I'm leaving for ever and ever' and just about to wail 'oh no, not you as well' .

Thank goodness glad you're staying.

berolina Sat 25-Oct-08 23:45:28

(The sad face was supposed to be inside the quotation marks)

ewwwmy2shoesarefullofblood Sat 25-Oct-08 23:45:57

the nose just for you

solidgoldskullonastick Sun 26-Oct-08 00:06:15

I read something or other about that band recently, 2shoes. And thought, again, I must actually listen to them and laugh at least once. Are they as entertaining as Deicide or Atari Teenage Riot?

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