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flouncing for the sake of my mental health. Rather gutted.

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MagicMojito Sat 07-Feb-15 00:24:59

I love Mumsnet. I have zero friends in RL so its really the only interaction I get outside of very close family. I feel that being a part of this site has genuinly enriched my life. Its educated me, got me through some terrible times and has literally had me in stitches laughing out loud. But I just cannot take it any more. It seems to give me endless things to worry about. Posters who have lost their children, their partners, the kind of stuff nightmares are made of. I've just had to talk myself down from a panic attack after reading another heart wrenching thread on aibu, about a women who will not get to see her child grow up as she is young and dying.
This sucks on so many levels. I know I couldn't cope, I can't help these people, I'm very aware it could just as easily be me and my family and I just can't handle seeing it in black and white written down in front of me.
Gutted to lose something that has become such a huge part of my life over the last few years.

( I'll now have to name change for when I inevitably crawl back we with my self pitying tail between my legs)

ChippingInGluggingOn Sat 07-Feb-15 00:32:29



You don't have to name change when you come back.

I totally understand the way you feel. I don't get the anxiety or panic attacks that you get, but it does get to me. Sad thing is, loads of them are trolls.

Instead of leaving, why don't you just find some boards that are nice and avoid AIBU?

There are lots of lovely little corners of MN, largely untroubled trolls.

MagicMojito Sat 07-Feb-15 00:34:22

Ugh! Where the bloody hell are my paragraphs???? sadsadsad

elQuintoConyo Sat 07-Feb-15 00:36:29


There'll always be sad threads, troll threads and fluffy threads. I hope you feel strong enough to come back one day and giggle over the fluffy ones. And, really, no need to name change.

PausingFlatly Sat 07-Feb-15 00:39:09

Sorry it's all getting too much at the moment, Magic.

Like Chipping says, absolutely no need to name change or feel "tail between legs" if you have a little break. It's a good thing to do occasionally now just need to follow my own advice.

MagicMojito Sat 07-Feb-15 00:45:05

chipping thanks for replying. I have tried that but I always seem to find something, somewhere to set me of that goes for life in general though tbh

I feel awful when reading their stories, its as if I'm piggy backing on their greif but I just cannot help it. It also sucks that there is quite literally nothing that i can add to threads to balance things out. I'm not paticularly educated or well informed enough to be able to offer any advice, I'm not funny enough to add a bit of light relief to the heavier threads. I'm just kind of here with no purpose.

God this is depressing, I need a good slap I think!

MagicMojito Sat 07-Feb-15 00:53:37

I'm a slow typed! Thanks for the other suppirtivr replies Elquinto and Pausing
I do like my user name tbh, it would have been smarter to name change for this post and keep my proper name for hopefully future visits to the site. Oh well.

PausingFlatly Sat 07-Feb-15 01:02:13

I know what you mean about having nothing to add to threads. One wants to help, but what to say? Anything? Nothing?

So I'm mostly a purposeless, passive consumer of MN too. I console myself this is better than being an actual jerk - and there are a fair few of those.

MagicMojito Sat 07-Feb-15 01:14:29

Thats a good way to look at it pausing smile

ChippingInGluggingOn Sat 07-Feb-15 13:46:03



I'm not paticularly educated or well informed enough to be able to offer any advice, I'm not funny enough to add a bit of light relief to the heavier threads. I'm just kind of here with no purpose


Do you suppose that makes you any different from the vast majority? You're just more self aware than some of us that don't shut up grin

Honestly, keep your name. Ask MN if they'll delete the thread for you if you want. It's tomorrow's chip paper smile

I do know what you mean about getting sucked in though. But just exert a little self control about where you post. Find a few things you are interested in and stay there. Start low carbing, if you fully participate in BOOTCAMP threads there's little time for anything else grin

antimatter Sat 07-Feb-15 13:57:34

I agree it is very easy to get sucked in. Is very easy to get emotionally involved if you are frequently reading updates to any story
I found that I could easily spend the whole day reading threads and new updates.
Since getting back into reading and listening to audio books I spend less time on MN.

Don't go away, maybe step away for few days.

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